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  1. Lil Foot

    Can't access PG 6 in "This Weather Event"

    All other pages are normal, but page 6 in this thread just comes up as a light gray screen?
  2. Lil Foot

    A way to search for all posts by one member in a thread?

    Is there a way to search for all posts by one member in a forum section without any keyword(s)?
  3. Lil Foot

    Original Poster Indicator?

    I've noticed some other forums have a feature this one doesn't have. On the avatar pic, we have an little "person" symbol to indicate wether or not the member is online. On other forums, they have an additional symbol, indicating who is the original poster. In the screenshot below, this is a...
  4. Lil Foot

    Forum Names and Avatars?

    I always find the reasons/stories/definitions behind peoples screen names and avatars interesting. So jump in if you will. Mine is pretty obvious, back when lifted golf carts were the thing, I built an EZGO that was just like everybody else built. Always on the lookout for something different...
  5. Lil Foot

    Kubota Wheels & Tires

    Not mine, just passing ad along:
  6. Lil Foot

    Source for Odd Size Rocker Switches?

    I need some Rocker Switches for the instrument cluster on my Mini Ex project. STSP, 15a or 20a, lighted or not. Need (4). I would like them to fit the existing holes in the panel, so I don't have to fabricate adapters & such. Problem is, I can't find anything to fit the existing holes. Depending...
  7. Lil Foot

    Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild Shop Phoenix Area?

    Thinking about sending out my boom cylinder for rebuild instead of doing it myself. It is leaking horribly- boom in the air and it leaks about 1 big drop per second. Anybody know of a good (reasonable) shop in the Phoenix area?
  8. Lil Foot

    Adding media items?

    Either something has changed or I have reached another level of advancing senility. I added these pics to "My Media" a while ago. (on two different dates) Now I cannot figure out how to add more. Someone with more functioning...
  9. Lil Foot

    Welcome back NIW!

    I see NIW is back, advising someone (philm) on a B7100 starting problem. Welcome back Sir! It has been a while!
  10. Lil Foot

    Recommend an excavator forum?

    Can anyone recommend an excavator forum? I need to search for a manual (in english) for my new-to-me Hanix N150-2, and I have to think someone out there has one, or knows where to get one. I would like both an operator manual and a service manual, but I'll take what I can get. Thanks in advance.
  11. Lil Foot

    Not Kubota Related, But Interesting

  12. Lil Foot

    Even The Price of A Battery is Ridiculous!

    3 years after buying my tractor, (2014) I had to replace the battery it came with. This past week, it died, and I had to replace it again. In 2014, I bought an O'Rielly's 500a, 3yr, 51R battery for $79, out the door. This past week, I bought the exact same O'Rielly's 500a, 3yr, 51R battery for...
  13. Lil Foot

    Shed Move

    The wife & I moved a small shed from one location to another in order to have a larger one built in the original location. Small shed is 8' x 10' X 8', new one will be 12' x 16' x 12', same style, but with an 8' roll-up door. I took two 2x12s about 8' long, cut 45s on both ends, jacked up the...
  14. Lil Foot

    Christmas in October

    The neighbor I bought my tractor from 10 years ago came over out of the blue and handed me these. He was cleaning out the garage & found them. :)
  15. Lil Foot

    Kubota Wheels FS

    Not mine, just passing it on:
  16. Lil Foot

    Kubota Engines FS

    Not Mine, just passing it on:
  17. Lil Foot

    Backhoe VS Excavator

  18. Lil Foot

    Interesting Excavator Features

    Never seen that side articulating boom or the dump box. Looks pretty handy.