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    TG1860 diesel

    Tomorrow I have been asked by a friend for help with his TG1860 diesel. He has been experiencing a strong vibration with only the motor running and has concluded something is amiss in the driveshaft from the engine to the bevel gear box at the rear of the tractor. He says he has the driveshaft...
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    M5040,6040, 7040 steering joint

    For owners of M*040 and M*060 with cab. There is one splined slip joint in the steering shaft that owners are not greasing and locally one has seized. It is only visible with the hood open. Dave
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    PTO reverser

    Found a pto reverser for sale on another forum Dave
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    MMM question

    I have no experience with Kubota's mmm. Are the decks, 60", 72" with gauge wheels and large rear roller designed to run on the wheels and roller when cutting? Considering converting one to 3 pt hitch operation. Will need changes to deal with mid pto rpm vs rear pto rpm Thanks Dave
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    H7100 HST for sale, cab 3 pt blower

    Helping friend sell his B7100 HST tractor with cab and 3pt blower. Only used for snow removal and stored indoors. Excellent tractor with multi speed rear pto and mid pto Ag tires are studded for great traction without needing chains 1,500 hrs Location is in Canada near Cornwall Ontario Serial...
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    A tale of Messicks on line

    I have been trying to help a friend install a front mounted blower on a B7100HST with a mid pto. Torch has been a great help providing photos and sharing his manual for a B2550 blower. Canadian Kubota dealers could make no sense of the Kubota part numbers in Torch's manual. I turned to...
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    Which part # fit which models

    Does anyone know if it is possible, knowing a Kubota part number, to learn which other models that part fits. I can do that on John Deere but cannot find a way with Kubota. Sample part number: 76550-99510 gearbox from RC72-36 Thanks Dave
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    Brand new L series mid mount mowers

    My local dealer in Green Valley Ontario (far south east) has three 72" mid mount mowers from L series which he will sell for $250 each.(cash no tax I expect) Never used. Stored inside but dirty from diesel exhaust. For the right person, you would spend more than that one just one spindle...
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    Frost shields old style from 1970's

    A friend with an old B7100 is constantly having fogged over windows on the cab of his tractor. Being old, I remember using frost shields on my VW bugs where heat was a dream. This link is to the history of this product where use was mandatory in some areas...
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    Snow blower anti scalp modification

    I have been planning this modification to my 90" inverted snow blower for a number of years but finally this summer the work was completed. I am posting the photos now so others, who suffer from blowing gravel and sod when the ground is not frozen, have another concept to consider other than...
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    Tracker Carrier for old man

    For the members who do amazing work re-powering and re-designing golf carts, I would like to suggest a different challenge to you. I live in a rural area and simple things like crossing a muddy field to visit my brother are becoming increasingly difficult. In a Princess Auto store in Ottawa...
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    Portable Generator use in cold weather

    A relevant cold weather topic has to do with portable generators. For those companies who will post operating temp spec's, the low limit is not very low. The crankcase vent line freezes and the oil is forced out of the crankcase. This happened to me with a Honda EM3500 in 1998 during a major...
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    Dave_eng possible sticky info

    A forum member from Australia is trying to help me find info for a member on the other forum who has a Mitsubishi D2000. As part of his search, he came up with this link which is filled with photos and model numbers of a lot of Asian market tractors including Kubota. I am putting it here in...
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    Saw a pto reverser for sale

    Found this post on the other forum from a guy with a pto reverser he is trying to sell. Likely it is going to be who gets to him first who gets it. Dave M7040
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    PTO shaft correct end for shear bolts

    The question of which end of the pto shaft should have the shear bolt has been discussed before. My implements have the shear bolt at either end. I asked COMER's tech support people thinking they would be the better qualified to answer. No doubt others will prefer what has worked for them...
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    B7100 cab heater info sought

    My friend has a1980 B7100 HST with a cab. He would like to have some heat in the cab for snow blowing but the machine has a thermosyphon cooling system with no water pump. I recall reading a post several years ago by a very cleaver owner who made up a system for such a tractor using an...
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    Interesting personal email from Kubota

    I have been posting about shear bolt failures being experienced by the owners of front mounted blowers which are driven by mid pto's. My comments are negative. I was surprised to find an email in my inbox from: with the topic Shear Bolt failures. I have not opened...
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    Dyed diesel beaten and new process being used.

    This is just a general interest post on the subject of colored diesel. In Ireland and some South American countries the price difference between colored and non colored i.e. taxed fuel is so great organized crime has been successful in eliminating the color. Now a radioactive tracer is being...
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    M7040 fire

    Big snow storm last night so had to get the M7040 and snow blower into action early today. After about 20 minutes I started to smell something burning. Since this had happened once before I knew where to look but first need to raise the FEL up high and swing the grill guard out to the way in...
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    B7100 wheels and turf tires

    Tires and wheels from B7100 HST approx 1980 vintage. Little wear as they have been stored. Front rims 4 bolt 12 x 5 JA tires 23 x 8 .50-12NHS Rear rims 16 x 5.5 OF tires 9.5 x 16 on 8" Rears include sliding hubs Call Bob 613-361-2124