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  1. old and tired

    L2800HST PTO engagement noise

    The cable is used on the HST models because the Treadle pedal, pushed in reverse is exactly where the manual PTO lever would be. The manual lever is more of a positive engagement... but the cable is more in an "ergonomic" position. (my fat ass doesn't have to bend over...) I'm a little...
  2. old and tired

    Ballast box question

    Your three point hitch never "uses" hydraulic power unless you raise it up. At which time, it did use hydraulic power to get to the higher position but it does not use any more power to hold it there. The valve simply traps the pressure in the cylinder, until you either add more oil to raise...
  3. old and tired

    L2800HST PTO engagement noise

    NOT even close to having any problems... relax! Despite my join date - been on these boards since 2005 and nothing outside of the early versions of the L2800/L3400 had this problem. And only maybe a handful of them (55k -ish units?) had the problem and reported it here....
  4. old and tired

    L2800HST PTO engagement noise

    The root cause, is A) you have to have the ratching Cams only found in the very early models of L2800/L3400 (2004/5 and very early '06). Looking at your equipment list Saxon; you are fine... B) you need to be running very demanding PTO implements; normally these failures have been seen on...
  5. old and tired

    Delivery Day!!!

    Nice set up, how long did you have to wait to get it?
  6. old and tired

    L2600DT 4WD Selling Advice

    I think that's a good price point...
  7. old and tired

    Caught Fire!

    I leave my hood open when I'm not using it (for long periods). I also pull the cover of my steering wheel away from the dash. Seems that they don't like the open air. Started my tractor a day ago and a mouse ran out from under it.... Seems spring and fall mice like to build new nests...
  8. old and tired

    Backhoe Subframe ID - Which Model?

    Javelineer2 "Last seen" day was his last post above. You can click on his name and "Start a Conversation" which *might* be tied to his email address.
  9. old and tired

    Kubota L3302

    I would be surprised if it had more lift capacity. When kubota changed where they measured the lift capacity from the L2800/L3200 to the next series. The LA 463 name changed to LA 524... (although it had the same lift capacity) after that, LA525 and I guess now with '02 series, LA526... It's...
  10. old and tired

    Price check for used B2320HST, loader and backhoe from 2009

    2009 B2320 HST, R4 tires with a BH65 and loader LA304 with (guesstimate 400 hours). It was well taken care of and washed and waxed way too much. I think they paid around $21-$22,000 for everything ($12k for the B2320, $4k loader; $6k backhoe) I've looked around (the regular websites) but don't...
  11. old and tired

    Used L3400 needs TLC

    The earlier models, had really crappy hydraulic return hose (2" line, with a 90* bend by your right foot) that would crack and allow air into the system which would cause the steering (FEL and 3ph) to be a bit jerky... but by 2008 kubota had changed the rubber compound and I have not heard much...
  12. old and tired

    "I don't read and I'm proud of it"

    I'm so bad, I don't even read the whole cliff note... I just skim over it. Had to "read" a book in this leadership class... me and the other guy in class found it on youtube. Only difference between me and that other guy, I knew you can play it back at a higher speed so I didn't have to...
  13. old and tired

    3rd function hydraulics for L3400

    BUT at what costs??? I will add photos to this thread - but just got back from 400 mile trip with several stops... I have the photos to post but the energy tonight is lacking... (sorry)
  14. old and tired

    L3800 runs then stalls

    Leaf in the fuel tank? floats up after a while but gets sucked down and covers the outlet.... Just guessing here.... So the "slowly quits" is like fuel starving??? Could also be algae in the tank doing the same thing, treat the fuel....
  15. old and tired

    3rd function hydraulics for L3400

    So a couple of pointers, spool valves are rated in Gallons per Minute, our tractors (I have the smaller version of yours but the same hydraulics) are rated for about mid 6 GPM. The spool I posted earlier is 8 gpm (you can buy cheaper 11 GPM or more but you lose fine touch). Prince is more...
  16. old and tired

    Pat's Easy Hitch Question

    I assume you'll read the instructions.... but the trick with the broom stick is spot on about aligning them up!!! (I read them after not having them straight!!!) Just a heads up!!! Actually, why the heck doesn't these come as standard equipment on new tractors. Verses having to retrofit the...
  17. old and tired

    3rd function hydraulics for L3400

    I'm not a fan of just buying a 3rd function valve; for less money, you can install a 3 spool valve ($300 price valve) to not only run a grapple, but also a Top-N-Tilt hydraulics on the 3 point hitch. That is IF you plan to use a box blade / rear blade much (it's where T-n-T shines). For me...
  18. old and tired

    Power take off speed

    Your "Rated RPM" is 2600 rpms (from That's your pto's 540 rpm mark.
  19. old and tired

    3 pt lower link arms

    Pat's quick hitch system with the stabilizing bar would not only make the process quick but also much easier... (or any quick hitch would help).