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    What type of Diesel fuel?

    The light on the dashboard of my BX23S has just come on, and that means that the fuel that came from the dealer is almost all used up. I am in a quandary as to what brand and type of diesel fuel I should buy. The dealer is too far away to go back to buy some diesel fuel from them, and I just...
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    The Man Who Accidentally Killed The Most People In History

    Possibly the most informative 25 minutes you will spend this month! A topic that will send Henro into a tailspin for months to come.
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    Happy Easter & Passover...

    With heart felt wishes for a Happy Easter and Passover to all... "I don't know where the eggs come from, and I have no idea why I feel a compulsion to hide them." It is a tradition......
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    Difference between 2 BX23S Tractors

    Yesterday I helped a friend with the 50-hour service on his 2019 BX23S and afterward I drove his tractor so I could compare it to my 2019 BX23S. On my tractor, as soon as you let your foot off of the forward or reverse pedal, the tractor comes to a completely abrupt stop. On his, the tractor...
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    Locking cap for a BX23S

    I haven't been able to find a locking cap for the BX23S. Does anyone make one? thanks
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    Have you noticed?

    Have you noticed that it is still light out at 5 PM (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) in the Northeast? Spring is just around the corner............ I hope!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Pump for your plastic cans.

    The first time that I have found something that is less expensive in Canada than in the US... Sold by Amazon... US version $75.33 with free shipping. Canadian version $69.99 with free shipping...
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    Tractor Cool Down Question

    Seems that everyone has an opinion on how long to warm up the tractor, but how many people do a cooldown of the engine after a day of hard work?
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    BX23S Cab NO HEAT!!

    The heat in my new BX23S is worse than dismal. Spent 2 1/2 hours today freezing in the cab, and had the lower vents blocked so as to direct all the heat to the windshield. It barely had enough heat to keep the windshield clear with the wiper going. I felt the heater hoses and they are both...
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    Do you have a rear windshield wiper on your tractors cab?

    The title says it all. Just not certain if it is a necessity or a need. I have a BX23S with a Kubota (Curtis) Delux Cab.
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    BX23S with Curtis Deluxe Cab and Windshield Wiper

    Today I changed over the windshield wiper blade for a rubber-coated blade that is designed for winter use. The rubber coating flexes and helps to keep the snow and ice from building up on the frame that is used on the summertime blade. I got the blade from NAPA and the cost was approximately...
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    Greased the Kubota yesterday.

    I greased the Kubota with my new DeWalt 20 volt grease gun, but I am torn between using black grease or red grease. The black goes better with the Orange color of the tractor, and the red grease clashes with the orange of the tractor. I am also considering changing to blue grease. What color...
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    BX2818A Hydraulic Rotation Kit

    Might anyone have a copy of the installation and parts diagram for the BX2818A hydraulic rotation kit? I searched Messicks website and couldn't find the parts diagram for this particular model, but they have the parts diagrams for a lot of other models.
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    First time blowing snow with a BX2916 and BX4090 Cab

    Got the blower driveshaft installed a couple of days ago, and installed the snowblower, but there was no snow to test it on but it was quite noisy. I placed a case of oil on the seat of the BX23S so I could diagnose the noise coming from the front of my snowblower. Once I determined that it...
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    BX2816 Snow Blower question.

    I hooked up the BX2816 snowblower today, and when I finished greasing all the fitting, I started it up. It sounds like a cement mixer with worn-out bearings. I had to cheat by putting a case of oil on the seat to keep the engine running and the blower engaged. I felt the top of the case...
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    Dangers of an Oxygen Cylinder

    Why you should never try to take an oxygen cylinder apart. Also, NEVER EVER use oil on any oxygen cylinder or any oxygen hose fittings!
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    Snow Blower Shoes

    The shoes that came with my BX2816 are mounted on the reward ward side of the blower, and I had to replace them on a friend's identical snowblower after 2 seasons of blowing snow. The cutting edge at the rear of the blower was also severely worn. The snowblower that I previously had (BX2750)...
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    42 years ago today, January 2nd 1980

    Today is 42 years ago that I lost my first dog, Lightning. I remember the day well since I was in the hospital for a bad infection with round-the-clock IV drips. I had gotten the call from the vet late the day before telling me that it was time. She had a brain tumor and had already lost her...
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    Hydraulic Chute Hood added to a BX2616 Snowblower

    I got this idea from another member who make a lengthy post about having the 3rd function valve, and the dealer wants to add a diverter valve to operate the chute hood on his new tractor. He looked at it and came up with a way to save $500 on his installation. Being that I already had a...
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    Installing a BX2618 Snowblower on a BX23S

    Oh, where should I start? I removed the loader on the BX23S, and everything went well. Installed the K connect to the tractor, and then installed the snowblower assuming that everything was going well. Then I realized that there was no way that I could get all 4 hoses through the loops that...