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  1. LRP

    kubota magnum chains

    3/4 ton pickup chains , added cross links , 1/4 in x 4 in FB x 6 in long. now I have traction. the straight chevron thread is much better than this dog leg chevron. upload a picture
  2. LRP

    front end scoop FES

    45 inch wide,, 12 in deep 12 in high, rope trip and spring return and latch back
  3. LRP

    Made me a Front Snow Plow

    screenshot program
  4. LRP

    my latest project

    here is my latest project. 1880 martini action that i cleaned up and blued with lye and stump remover. i milled the barrell blank octagon and made my own chambering reamer (44 magnum). it,ll shoot 5 shots touching at 100 yds. OBTW, i extended the blade on my bota. no more snow comeing over the...
  5. LRP

    KKK wheel covers

    my neighbor gave me a big peice of heavy plastic from a colasapt quanset hut. i painted them inside and outside with black Krylon Fusion paint for plastic and then painted the outside white with the same paint. if u keep the sun off the tires , they will outlast u. i,m just about done with the...
  6. LRP

    what is it???????

    i built this about 5 years ago and have used it every day ever since. u guess what it is. LRP
  7. LRP

    swamp donkey with calf

    here is a moose with calf laying down behind the house about 65 yds.
  8. LRP

    my canary temp gauge

    whent shooping at the local truck shop. i bought a back up light gromet and after i told the very nice counter man that i needed a lens instead of a light. he ha-hummed a bit and said i don,t think so but he came out in the isle and started openig boxes and came up with a nice clear lens with a...
  9. LRP


    on my other lists such as cast boolits and gunnutz, the differant catagorys have stickies on top of the page and they stay there. for example, what is the max weight for a rototiller, my tractor won,t start, ect these should be answered and stickied on top of the page. there are lots more of...
  10. LRP

    SDV, where are the service tips

    Vic, what happened to all the great articles and service tips, eg, the steering box, ect. this was this was on the left of the home page where amazon is now. thanksLouis
  11. LRP

    my bota hosses have gone wild

    up until today, the tac read 2950 with wot, today while plowing my neighbor out i noticed that when i open her up with not much load, the tac reads 3400. maybe cut back on the oats??? seriously the linkage looks OK. the throtle stop has not moved. is this caused by the govenor wear and it,s...
  12. LRP

    shortened shifter and pto levers

    am i the only one to have problems getting on and of this L1500/L175 tractor. i figured it was just a mater of time before i sliped or triped and broke some bones. sooo today while i,m waiting for a rad i took 2 in of the pto and gear levers. i shortened the knob on the pto and drilled it almost...
  13. LRP

    battery maintainance safety

    here is a tip that might save somebody some grief. when removeing or installing a battery, u ALLWAYS REMOVE THE GROUNDED TERMINAL FIRST AND IT,S THE LAST ONE TO GO BACK ON. i once met a guy that was blind because of this. think about it and u will see why. in our bota,s are all neg grnd. first...
  14. LRP

    fixed broken rad spout

    yesterday i discovered my rad spout was broken. i was going to silversolder the peice back on. when i was cleaning the spout i discovered a crack going down. time for rethink. i got a old rad from the boneyard and the spout was identical except it was good. i could not see or feel any mechanicl...
  15. LRP

    custom rad overflow tank

    well my rad overflow tank is complete except the hose is to short. i,ll have to go to town in the AM and get one. it,s 6 in x 1 3/4 in x 12in . useing the swag formula, it,s twice as big as i need. hope this works.
  16. LRP

    custom bota steering wheel

    cheap cheap cheap, u guessed it, it,s that canary sinnging to me again. i needed a new steering wheel and i had nightmares about the cost. the bone yard had a POS chineese electric scooter. the front wheel was just begging to be recycled. i drilled out the center yo 1 5/16 in and machined a...
  17. LRP

    bota canary decals

    i thought i would make some canary decals to put on my bota projects. i made a few extra. i,ll need one in a few days for my almost finnished bota steering wheel. Louis
  18. LRP

    2nd year apprentice

    woooo hoooo, i,m now a second year apprentice. i can now start doing some serious work. just so i don,t get accused of being a post ho, here is a painting tip. painting aluminum and galvanized steel, to get the paint to stick, u use etching primer. plasticoat makes a spray bomb #470 etching...
  19. LRP

    vaccine for bota cracked head syndrom

    the cannarys have been sinnging to me again. there is no prvisions that i can see to screw a temp probe for a tem gauge. soooo plan B. radio shack, bought a package of 2 red 12V indicator lamps, a piezo buzzer and from my scrap box a snap switch from a electric hot water tank from the super...
  20. LRP

    yahoo in trouble

    it don,t look good for the yahoo groups. Louis