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  1. DsBota

    G1800 snow plow

    Sorry about the timing of this thread as it's spring but does anyone have a picture of a snow blade mounted to a G1800? particularly one of the the underside of the tractor. I just added a new member to the family and just playing around with some ideas.
  2. DsBota

    B8200 tires

    Does anyone know if the tires and rims off of a B21 will fit a B8200? Fronts are listed as 23x8.5x14 and the rears are 12.4x16. I think this might work but am not sure about the rim specs. thanks D
  3. DsBota

    B748B snowblower

    Could anyone give me some more info on this snowblower? How it hooks up and what models it fits?
  4. DsBota

    Adding power steering to a B8200

    I just bought the power assist steering system off of a JD 400. It consist of the actuator valve which has the drag link extension and a separate ram. The ram has only a 5 inch stroke and when I measure my stock drag link movement it comes in at around 7 and a half inches. I was going to try...
  5. DsBota

    My homemade toothbar

    I'm in the process of putting a second entrance on my property and decided a toothbar would make this task easier. I made this out of scrape metal I had laying around for my B8200 bent cutting edge. It works great.
  6. DsBota

    Old Kubota orange paint

    I have a old B8200 that needs repainting. Has anyone in Ontario found a close match other then the dealer. They want 15 dollars a can. Thanks.