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    L295 clogged fuel

    It would help if you told us why you reached the conclusion the tank line is clogged. Dave
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    L3901 died instantly an and now giving error coded E-20

    Looking quickly at Messicks parts I found this safety switch which does not say what it is for but looks the same as your broken one. Dave
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    L3901 died instantly an and now giving error coded E-20

    This style of switch is more likely related to a clutch pedal, pto selector......... seat switches are not under the tractor. When I have a bit more time I will try and dig thru the WSM. Are there any colors and stripes on the two wires? You need to be under the tractor while someone in the...
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    L3901 died instantly an and now giving error coded E-20

    Here is some more info but it may not be applicable because you are showing a code. Lubolt posted a useful diagnostic procedure which works for: The L01 series models that can be tested using the write-up by Lugbolt are the L3301, L3901, and the L4701. first is the hourmeter showing any codes...
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    L3901 died instantly an and now giving error coded E-20

    I have had bad experiences doing what you did crushing brush piles. Inevitably sticks pop up and may have dislodge an electrical connector. Get under your machine with a good flashlight and start looking up for broken or dislodged wiring, Dave
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    L1500DT Loader Question

    I had saved this info from an old post regarding hydraulics on old generation L series. I no longer recall who the poster was. Perhaps it has info that might help. It is part #64. Early L hydraulic block cover Now is where I brag about Ronnie Bowman at - a VERY helpful guy...
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    L175, L185 rewire

    For my money you will do better with a volt meter rather than an amp meter. Now you do not have high current flowing thru a meter. For modern vehicles with warning lights instead of gauges, the idiot light is really a voltage signal. Dave
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    L235 Oil Gauge

    I considered wrong gauge
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    3 point hydraulic issue

    Start by looking for the feed back linkage which will be connected to one on the upper 3 pt lift arms. Usually on the right side. The link's purpose is to unload the hydraulics feeding the 3 pt piston once the 3 pt hitch has reached the desired level in order to relief the work the hydraulic...
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    Older B6000 namely I think 73-77

    The charging system is a DYNAMO. It produces alternating current which it outputs through two blue wires. The alternating current is rectified to DC to charge the battery. Any excess output from the dynamo is dumped as heat by the fins on the rectifier. There is no feedback to the dynamo to...
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    GR2120 Front Axle Pivot Adjustment?

    I believe the pivot adjustment's purpose is to keep the front axle vertical and prevent it from rocking back and forth. I do not mean rocking side to side but along the axis to the tractor from front to rear. The axle pivots to keep all 4 wheels in contact with the ground and if the ground is...
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    1998 b2100 steering issue

    Thanks for the update Would not have guessed such a cause! Dave
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    ZD21 isn’t getting gas to injectors

    Do you have the manual? Since you opened the fuel system and now it is not starting it sure sounds like there is a bleeding procedure you did not follow. Do not start taking things apart as you will turn a simple problem into a major one. Dave p.s.
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    L3800 PTO Don't Shut Off

    Be certain to thank Whitetiger. We all benefit from his expert knowledge. Dave
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    Help. LA723 loader cable adjustment???

    This is a generic reply. You decide if it fits. Most joysticks operating cables have a lock to prevent inadvertent joystick movement especially when driving on the road. Engage the lock. Disconnect the cables from the spool valves. Now the valve spools should be in line and in their neutral...
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    L 3400 hydraulic pressure increase

    Do you have a loader? If so things are more complicated depending upon the pressure you are concerned with. Dave
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    1998 b2100 steering issue

    Jack up front axle and look for wheels that do not rotate easily and smoothly and also see how the steering works side to side with the wheels in the air. Do the same with the rear axle looking for a wheel that does not rotate easily. Dave
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    Tempture readings with a IR

    Here is some useful info from the BX2360 WSM. Measuring the resistance of the sending unit when your machine seems hot and comparing to the above chart will tell you a lot. Here is the requested info on the thermostat. It starts to open around 162 F and should be fully open at 185 F. IR...
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    Mid PTO oil leak B7200 HSTE

    The complete mid pto unit can easily be removed from the bottom of the transmission after draining the oil. Sometime this can make seal changing easier depending upon your flexibility to get under. However, before doing anything, a thorough cleaning with brake clean so you can see exactly...
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    b5200 wiring problem/switch/ not sure

    Did your Glow Plugs work when you had a blown fusible link? Dave