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  1. North Idaho Wolfman

    Consider supporting OTT

    It only a small donation for a lifetime of information and fun! A donation of this money goes to the owner to buy him a new tractor...HAHAHA... Seriously it goes towards upkeep and fees to have this forum available for all of us...
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  12. North Idaho Wolfman

    EVERYONE READ: Toxicity Cleanup

    Time for a clean up! We need to do this to keep the positive environment for the whole forum. I've tried with limited success to cleanup and edit individual threads and posts that are: Harassing Insulting Toxic Political Degrading And a host of other things: I've heard from many members about...
  13. North Idaho Wolfman

    WTB Any L series suspension seat base

    I'm looking for something newer that the L3450's seat base. I'm on my second set of springs and need to upgrade.
  14. North Idaho Wolfman

    Do I deserve this?

    This an exact copy of a PM from Sidecarflip in reply to me giving him a week off for over the top political and rude comments! Do I ban someone for being overly rude and insulting to me? I for one don't think I deserved it, I wasn't the one posting rude and overly political statements and...
  15. North Idaho Wolfman

    Anyone else a Starlink beta tester?

    I got mine yesterday and I'm super impressed! I haven't been able to lug it down. Watched my first streaming movie with no interruption. We were using HughesNet and it was super slow! I did have to tweak the setup a bit, as I didn't want it on the tripod on the ground, so I made a post mount...
  16. North Idaho Wolfman

    Wanted F Unit, doesn't need to be running.

    Looking for an F unit. If it's a distance from me, I will consider shipping it. Let me know what you have.
  17. North Idaho Wolfman

    What projects are you working on?

    A new forum topic for projects, nice. :D
  18. North Idaho Wolfman


    Has anyone used this guy for injection pump service or injector service? He's been hitting up members every chance he can to pull in business. I'm looking for feedback, good or bad. I'm always leary of people that say they do something but don't have any business credentials ( web site, brick...
  19. North Idaho Wolfman

    What no party?

    I breezed right past 20K in posts! No Party, No Gifts, No Flowers, No band, No ticker tape parade. :( I never thought I would ever come close to this many posts, and I never wanted to either! I think it's official, I must not have a life! :rolleyes:
  20. North Idaho Wolfman

    M125X WSM Needed

    Does anybody have a PDF of this WSM? Or could I get someone with the Printed WSM to give me some scans of the pages of the hydraulics? Thanks North Idaho Wolfman