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  1. North Idaho Wolfman

    What type of motor oil?

    CBD OIL, and she'll burr like a kitten!
  2. North Idaho Wolfman

    Year Model of L2350DT...........?

    25+ year old Kubota's don't have emissions labels on the valve cover (never did). And even with the engine serial number it's not going to tell you the year it was sold. And the year it was sold is the tractor year, not the year it was actually made. Tractor years are irrelevant for anything...
  3. North Idaho Wolfman

    BX2370 won't restart after shutdown unless battery is jumped

    You have a bad connection or cable, remove the connections on the battery or the starter and clean and reconnect, same with the battery side/ If the battery cables look odd or fat (swelled) up under the insulation it's a bad cable.
  4. North Idaho Wolfman

    Kubota M7500DT-A

    Simply use UDT in the steering.
  5. North Idaho Wolfman

    Bseries valve clearances

    Forget the timing cover or marks on the flywheel, it's a waste of time. Pull the valve cover, not which vales are intake and which valves are exhaust (they will be inline with the ports). Turn the engine until one valve is open (you'll be able to see it) then set the other to .007. You can also...
  6. North Idaho Wolfman

    M7500DT questions

    Rule out a mechanical issue with the steering, jack up the front end and see if it turns easily in both directions. The power steering controller for that model is obsolete and repair replacement parts are going to be near to impossible to get a hold of.
  7. North Idaho Wolfman

    Front Diff Removal

    You will need to drop the frame to remove the bolt.
  8. North Idaho Wolfman

    Some of my equipment mods.

    You could use shrink wrap.
  9. North Idaho Wolfman

    Adding Temp sensor

    Deep breaths and everything will be fine. ;) You don't want to mess with the front as that part is aluminum and very brittle. Instead of having a machine shop make an adapter for the freeze plug just take the tractor over there and have them drill and tap the head, would take them about 15 min...
  10. North Idaho Wolfman

    Adding Temp sensor

    There is a adapter already made that is for a block heater that might work for you. It's not the best place to put a temp sensor, as the head is where the highest heat is at and the optimal location for the sensor. Just so you know, there is little to no room behind the freeze plug so do not...
  11. North Idaho Wolfman

    Frame bolts. Is this normal?

    Yes and no, or I should say some of them are and some of them are done that way for that purpose. The main reason is for the ease of assembly as the parts that mate together are not all exactly the same, thus requiring them to be slotted or have oversized holes.
  12. North Idaho Wolfman

    L4240HST Noise

    Yes some do.
  13. North Idaho Wolfman

    L4240HST Noise

    EWWWW, that does not sound good. How does the clutch pedal feel? I'm thinking clutch disk splines? Try the same movements, but slip the clutch while doing it. See if the noise changes.
  14. North Idaho Wolfman

    M62 Loader/Bucket Dropping When Tractor Shut off...

    #1 You should never leave a loader up in the air! #2 It's under warranty, call the dealer! #3 Get the WSM (aka Service manual) and go through the testing and adjustment procedure for the loader control.
  15. North Idaho Wolfman

    Adding Temp sensor

    There is a flat spot on the head right side (intake side) rear, but it might not be drilled and tapped for a sensor. That is a thermo siphon system, no water pump, so it doesn't move a lot of water. Adding a bung/ boss to the radiator will only semi work, there is a likely chance that it will...
  16. North Idaho Wolfman

    Adding Temp sensor

    If there isn't a plug in the top of the head, your only other real choice is add a sensor in the top hose of the radiator.
  17. North Idaho Wolfman

    Contaminating Hydro Fluid

    It could help!
  18. North Idaho Wolfman

    Contaminating Hydro Fluid

    This in one reason I've been really happy with my GMC, 18.1MPG semi loaded (I haul about 2000lbs of tools around all the time) and fully loaded I get 15.5 MPG. Just hauled an old heavy 30 foot camper for a family member over 2 passes and it still stayed right in the 15.5 range. That beast felt...
  19. North Idaho Wolfman

    Frame bolts. Is this normal?

    No not at all, the holes are not only holes they are also slots, and it's required for there to be tolerance for alinement adjustment.
  20. North Idaho Wolfman

    Kubota d1005 Injection Pump Issues?

    You're probably going to need to pull the injectors and have them tested and possibly rebuilt. And while they are out do a compression test. Simple injector test: You can take an injection line and put it off to the side of the engine, add a injector to that line, snug up the injector pump side...