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    Where’s my pond algae?

    Yup - lots of ducks passing through. I read that the little waterfowl parasite crawls into your skin's pores when you start drying off - where they die and cause an allergic reaction. Supposedly drying off with a towel immediately can prevent them entering. My husband had that "heck of a...
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    Where’s my pond algae?

    Perhaps. I believe filamentous refers to the kind that forms dense mats of algae that are made of long strands - filaments. No harm done! Other than getting my hopes up for a cure to MY algae problem... ;)
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    Where’s my pond algae?

    I'd be interested to know exactly what you have been using as we have a terrible filimentous algae problem in our pond since last year. I think at least a little bit may be due to the water table around here getting pretty low in recent years (the pond is spring fed) so not as much water is...
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    plastic hose that can handle fuel

    This is crazy. I want to buy a few feet of 1/2" (inexpensive) hose to use in transferring fuel from gas cans into my vehicles. I have a little electric transfer pump that comes with about 18" of tubing, but that still requires me to lift the heavy gas can up onto my tractor in order to refill...
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    MX5400 Build My Kubota options

    I am looking at buying a new MX5400, and I don't understand what a lot of the "Build My Kubota" options are. If any can enlighten me, I'd be grateful! (FYI - Although i've been operating an L3901 for a few years, I am not very tractor savvy, so you'll have to use "lay person" terms.) 1)...