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  • Yikes, I'm sorry but I missed your message. As I recall, you are talking about the hard lines that run from the front of the machine to fittings under the seat. I have had this problem 3 times and never had to remove much more than the seat and floor plates. The last time, I cut the lines in half (approx.),and had connecting fittings brazed on the cut ends. I connected the line at both ends and then in the middle. That turns a seemingly impossible job into a 45 min. thing not counting the cutting and brazing. The other 2 times, we twisted, turned and cussed for a couple of hours per day for 3 days until they went in. I recommend the first option
    Some time back we conversed about the hydraulic leak on my L35. You suggested it was most likely the delivery lines, but I thought it was just o rings. I was wrong. Really wrong. The delivery line finally split open a bit and the one next to it is swelling at the seam too.
    I would like to do the replacement of the lines myself, however if the job requires removal of the ROPS & FOPS I’ll have to take it to someone with a hoist.
    What can you tell me about this? I bought this tractor new in 2001.
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