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  • Thank you for the information on chains. I'm kind of accustomed to 24" rims and kind of extrapolated numbers based on that. I saw John Deere on the box and expected it was for a larger tractor, though you'll note I did include a caveat.
    Hey, Wolfman, I didn't think you were rude at all. I'm not a professional mechanic but I observe cause and effect. I did get a LOT of very black gunk out of my flush with Thermo Cure. Subsequent refills and rinses of the system allowed increasing amounts of fluid to fill it. Chemical analysis of the residue may have told me what was happening but that costs money and you need to know where to have it done. I was just happy to get my cooling system capacity back. I don't know what you are but you seem to know enough that you may be a professional mechanic. Thanks for your input and no offense was taken. I am really amazed my new Kubota is so much like my old Mitsubishi - the layout between the two is almost identical. My neighbor's LS is very different. Now go have a great North Idaho week - winter's coming!!
    Regarding crud buildup and Thermo Cure - The tractor in question is a D2350 Mitsubishi. I know I could initially install four quarts of liquid into the system. After Thermo Cure and several water flushes I could dump in six quarts of liquid. No, I don't think I got two quarts of crud out of the system. I do suspect there may have been some sort of blockage in there. It's a grey market tractor about 45 years old and spent about thirty years of its life in Japan. Due to anticipated future difficulty obtaining parts I bought a new Kubota L2501 last summer. It's a remarkable machine but similar in many ways to the old Mitsubishi.
    I cannot upload photos to post...I never had a problem before...

    Did something change?
    After thus last debacle, I'm done posting to any thread.
    Your 'drop the hammer' thread is interesting. You received numerous complaints... There is an ignore feature on this forum.

    As a moderator I think you are poor. As a source of information concerning the mechanics of Kubota's you are an excellent source and why when I have a question concerning mechanical issue, I PM you.

    From here on out, the only threads that I will comment on or make comments are threads I initiate and those will be threads pertaining to what I do.

    Don't need or want input concerning any issue with my units from people that take shots in the dark with generalities. If I have a question that I think you can answer, I'll PM you.

    Have a great day and keep on answering comments from posters that want an answer but then never post again, which are probably 95% of the comments on this site.

    Like I said, other than 'lurking', I'm done

    been fun, just got tedious.

    Howdy Neighbor, I am trying to find out something about a device that makes it easier to hook up implements to my L4310 . I remember reading something about it on here last year but forgot what that device is called . Getting long of tooth now and it is a big job for me to change from the backblade to the mower. Thanks for any help. Lee
    Hi Wolfman, I'm Ed with the cracked V1702 head. About how much are you thinking you would need for your complete cylinder head? The cheapest slowest mail is ok but would like tracking #. Do you have Paypal? Do you know ballpark what shipping would be? When you mean it is still new, does that mean it's never been fired yet?
    Ok. Here is the latest. I’m getting fuel into the crankcase. It’s not staying primed within the pump itself. I’m assuming I need to remove the pump. Can possibly send to you to be redone, repaired, whichever is needed. I’m corious if there is a crack somewhere underr the pump assembly sending fuel into the crankcase or if there is a diaphragm within the pump that will acheive this. I’m trying to find the manual to see how to safely remove the injection pump. Not sure if there is andthing that needs to be removed prior to removing the pump. If you have any other possible suggestions that would be great. Thank you.
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