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  • NIM where oh where can I send a check, I guess I have been riding this train for free long enough ;)
    I have a L3301 HST. with 400 hrs. I want to change the transmission and front axle oil,
    When changing the HST oil, which drain plug do you drain first?
    When changing the front axle which oil is recommended, my tractor is not used for heavy construction work, just light weight work around our 0ne acre home, private road, gathering firewood and light gardening work.
    Thank you in advance for your time.
    Kubota super UDT2 OR 80w90 can be used in from axle. I always use 80w90, but both are approved by Kubota. I am not familiar with that specific tractor on draining issues. Refer to your O/M (owner's manual) on process to drain and refill both. Do NOT overfill either.
    Looking For a Small Spline 70080-00346 For Front PTO Clutch B9310, Wood Consider Complete Unit (B9310)

    I have a l1501 and was wondering what coolant it takes or wold any coolant do?
    I all so need two new coolant pipes I can get more photos if needed

    And I was wondering what you think engine oil would work I’ve been told by 85hokie that 10w 40
    John’s Ranch on YouTube said 15w 40 and now don’t know which one

    I’ve got an oil filter S0 7059 from will that be fine to use


    My tractor
    I need a LA 524 or a LA463 loader if you have one that you took off and do not use give me a shout. Thank's
    Kubota parts manual shows the individual parts for the steering cylinder Part # 02T095 for 1998 L2900DT 4wd. Do you know if there is a part number for the complete seal and o-ring kit? Thanks
    I spoke with you last week (or 2) regarding my stuck 1140 injection pump. I finally got it out, had a broken spring and one corroded plunger. It's back in and running, thanks for your help. I took the anti tamper screw out hoping it would make getting the pump out easier. It didn't help, I'm wondering how to set the screw adjustment properly again, and learn it's function.
    Thanks again,
    Wolfman You once helped me with a throttle problem. Now it's steering.
    I read a post that was virtually identical to mine, but he never said how it turned out. I'm not sure how to contact him with a PM. My tractor is 1998 L2900 DT, 4wd, FEL 643 hrs. Won't steer to right. FEL and 3 point works. Steers left but weak. With engine OFF and I turn wheel to right, I hear fluid squirting, and then I see fluid dripping under tractor. Found a rats nest under the steering column by firewall and I suspect he chewed a hole in the right turn hose. My plan is to order two hoses and 2 flare nut male to male connectors, color tape them for identity, disconnect them from the steering cylinder and pull the old hoses out and the new hoses should follow right behind. There is another hose, I assume is supply from the pump to steering controller and another that just has a simple hose clamp. Should I replace all 4? They're kinda pricey. Where does the low pressure hose go? Is my plan sound?
    Wolfman, do you know this guy? (Hi I'm Mike the pump guy.. I read on the forum u need your pump o/h'd..
    I do them all day long for 410.00 w free return shipping..
    I've been rebuilding inj. pumps for a living at a fuel shop for over 30 years..
    to say I've done "a few" is an understatement.. lol
    actually its more like thousands..
    I'm factory trained & only use OE parts..
    If u would like to discuss it further, u can reach me direct at..
    Thanks for your time.. Mike
    how are u wolfman tractorprojohn here u helped me a while back with 3 point would only work when bucket was being curled up & again thanks so much ok it turned out had a hydr line crisscrossed 3 point works fine now with the ( FEL )attached but when i disconnect the loader & turn the split on front hydro block 3 point does nothing hook the loader back up turn slit works fine !!when loader is dis connected i tried it turning the slit on frnt h block 7 o clock or like 11.20 nothing !!any ideas thanks for your time in advance tractorprojohn L 2850
    N I WOLFMAN have u had a chance to take a look at my posts on myL2850 3 point wont raise unless bucket is being curled upward,,& hydraulics bind up when lift & draft levers ( on right side of seat ) are almost all the way up or torge t rear of tractor
    Wolfman - Have you seen any fabrication attempts to convert another blower for use on a 3600? I found the mount, but not the blower. Appreciate your thoughts! Thx
    I have a Kubota 4310E tractor no FEL. What type Hydraulic fluid should I use. I saw a video on this site stating I could use TSC Premium Hydraulic Fluid. All help Appreciated
    Where can I find a front gear cover for my L235 DT Kubota it has Corroded away on bottom bolt and is leaking oil and I can***8217;t not seem to find online new or used for tractor
    Wolfman, you posess more knowledge than any 5 dealers combined, so I ask you. I have a B7510 with a B2733 quick hitch running a BX2750C blower now. Love the tractor, underwhelmed with the blower. Looking at a BX5455HD, will it fit right up to my existing quick hitch ? If so, still trying to figure which 1/2 shaft to finish it off. Any wisdom you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Russ.
    Hello thank you for your replies how much do you figure you have into the homemade universal skid steer mount in materials
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