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    Cousin used my BX

    Good neighbors are essential and I'm very lucky to get along with the three that are contiguous to my property. One of them owns 160 acres and is only here 4 to 5 weeks a year and has so much money that he's never asked to borrow anything. The one closest to me is building a brand new second...
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    Be kind to your Kubota dealer

    I get firearms and optics for the guys at the local dealership at 50% - 60% off. The owners don't work there so the employees aren't able to give me similar breaks but that's not why I do it. I do it because I consider them all friends. I treat them with respect, I listen to their advice, and...
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    Land Pride production and site down due to ransomware attack.

    It's bad enough that their website is down, but to have production grind to a halt because of this is ridiculous. I don't know what's being done but this is getting to be a real problem.
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    Land Pride production and site down due to ransomware attack.

    I've been checking Land Pride's website periodically today in the hope of getting some specs on an implement along with a manual but it's been down all day. When I stopped by the local dealer they told me that Land Pride's production and website are down due to a ransomware attack. These...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    It was 25F at the house this morning but I used the MX to remove the 16ft x 2ft side panels from the PJ dump trailer. I don't know if I could have managed to pull them off on my own without using the tractor since they're heavy and very awkward to handle. You have to pull them straight up to...
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    The truth about 3-point PTO rear push versus rear pull snow blowers?

    Yes, he's definitely in the country being on 20 acres on the side of a mountain, and gets a fair amount of snow being a 1000 ft or more higher than me. I didn't hear from him yesterday and didn't get my trailer back yet so I assume that he bought the Erskine. I told him that he can hang onto...
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    The truth about 3-point PTO rear push versus rear pull snow blowers?

    I found it to be an issue with the BX25 and front snow blower so I tried to avoid driving over any snow. But snow varies a lot around the country so what might be an issue on certain surfaces up here might not be an issue in other places. Also, I suppose it depends on the finish that one is...
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    Awesome! I wish my MX would show up. How much clearance do you have with the door up? Obviously you're good but just wondering if that's an 8' or 9' door.
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    MX-6000 Likes and Dislikes.

    @rc51stierhoff, congratulations on the MX. I'd love to have a back hoe again and the idea of leaving it on all year round is appealing. I'm ok with switching out FEL and 3-point implements but I never enjoyed swapping out the FEL or back hoe on the BX25. Those back hoes are hard to get...
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    The truth about 3-point PTO rear push versus rear pull snow blowers?

    @hedgerow, thanks for the response and good point re snow drifts and such. My friend dropped by an hour ago to pick up my utility trailer so that he can get the Erksine this afternoon. Asking price is under $4k and it's in very good condition and has hydraulic chute rotation but manual...
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    The truth about 3-point PTO rear push versus rear pull snow blowers?

    I recently bought a used 3-point PTO push behind Land Pride snow blower that I found on Craigslist. Land Pride only offers the push type as far as I can tell. Earlier in the week a friend and his wife stopped by the house to pick me up and head out for dinner and I showed him the snow blower...
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    M6060 Grill Guard Mod

    That's awesome! Excellent welds too. You've given me some idea with my grill project.
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    With the new hose routing, excellent design and top quality materials I don't think you'll ever live to regret it. I've been using the Wicked 60 to dig out a couple of trees, lift and move boulders, move railroad ties and it's excellent. My only possible regret is perhaps not going with the...
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    Advice on new tractor purchase - MX6000, M7060, M5?

    I think you nailed the explanation. A friend has an M7060 and it's a great tractor and one that I'd love to have, but I'd pick an M4 over an M7060 if buying new for the reasons mentioned above.
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    Rotary cutter.

    Yeah, I would hate to be a realtor up here. The trick is being happy with what you have rather than what you don't have. Not a bad spot to stop and take a break. The lack of humidity up here is a big deal to me having spent a lot of years in Hawaii working in construction as a welder/diver...