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    How much rear ballast is enough for BX with FEL?

    the vast majority of my loader work is w/ grapple moving trees I fel for fire wood over very uneven ground. I skid long lengths of trees (10 - 30'+ lengths ) to a flat deck trailer, lift onto trailer then tow to my wood processor. My ballast is a logging winch which is a little more than 1/3rd...
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    Any advice on which one to buy?

    agree with 4wd comment.... for me making loader work w/o would be a real pain in the arse. Around here trying to sell a scut w/o 4wd (or assist) is very very hard.
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    Trailering accident - Any idea what happened here?

    I shed a little tear for this guy (or gal). looking at picture seems tractor frame (between front and rear wheels) is ON TOP of the truck tailgate. Somehow launched and landed on top of tailgate?? Didn't look like a roll forward that pushed through the tailgate but launched UP and fell down...
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    B2601 Headlight bulb change

    I remove the headlight assembly from cowl easy to do and makes rolling rubber boot back and pushing/twisting bulb plug easier. But I do not own the same model as yours so YMMV. With headlight assembly on work bench I roll back the rubber boot. Press down and twist the headlight plug and remove...
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    How to increase hydraulic flow L3400D?

    mine does not tie in. A completely different system, pto powered with its own valving. my live 26hp @ pto runs a 20pgm pump fine.
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    Paralysis by analysis - Buying decision needs wise input!

    The L series Kubota is my fav. go to machine and one I put most hours on. That being said though based on what you describe, while an L33 or L39hp models could get the job done for you, I would go up to the 50 - 60hp size. WRT cab., your mentioning of pine trees and kids makes me waffle on...
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    How to increase hydraulic flow L3400D?

    if you want more hydro capacity a simple / cheap solution is to add a A PTO Driven Hydraulic Pack . Guys often add these to run things like hydro winches or log splitters on machines with limited free main pump flows. here is the first ad I found when i googled it...
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    Cold starts: what is your preferred RPM setting??

    X2 and will add that experience is your friend on this one as well. I have newer well sealed but unheated storage building (no drafts) and at -30f a couple hours and my newer Kubotas start fine / more than a couple of hours and not much difference noticed.... If stored outdoors though and...
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    SnowBlower side parts

    up here we call them blower wings. a common thing. lots of companies make them and they are somewhat universal fit. works great on light or fluffy or small snow falls which we get alot of where I am.
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    Buying Mod'ed Tractors

    Do you ever have a little warning bell go off in your head when you look to buy something like a tractor that has undergone some DIY mods?? Thinking of smaller tractors that people have cut into wiring harnesses to add lights, or remove safety switches or drilled ROP's to mount stuff on, or...
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    new mods

    it sure sucks having to get on/off to move forward say when digging a trench or reposition when stumping. What I do is when I want to move a couple or three feet I shift the hst into neutral and use the boom/digger to move fwd/reverse amount I want. When out of gear its easy to roll fwd/back...
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    Another Am I getting Shafted Question

    but the OP says he has an agreement not a contract.... would need to see all the details.... lots of this same story all over the news about car and truck dealers here in Canada doing the same. Just now on the news Kia buyers in Edmonton Alberta apparently signed agreements to take ownership...
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    Cold starts: what is your preferred RPM setting??

    thanks.... I put on more hours when colder than -20F than hours above 50f. unfortunately the pre-heat tables in the manual do not go to the temps we get around here during snow blowing season. Regardless I give my glow plugs lots of time to make their work. Probably more time than most I am...
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    Cold starts: what is your preferred RPM setting??

    when very cold I like to let my glow plug (combustion heaters) cycle for 30 - 60 seconds before I hit start more than just when the light goes out. always wondered though at what rpm level other people set their throttle at (rpm level) when they cold start? I am usually set at 1,400 rpm or a...
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    Winter Bucket Prep - Snow Coating?

    X2 on this... picking right tool for the right job is always preferred and pushing stuff past mfg spec's usually not a good thing. My blower manual says if snow wet run full 1,000 rpm at pto and take 1/3 passes at a time or risk plugging/ overloading / damage. Push them too hard and they could...