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  • Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I look in on OT but don't sign in often.
    I have the quick release bucket so I only take that off to mow. My rear mower is about 800lbs so the loader helps to co-balance that even with the bucket off. As I've discussed in some threads, I bought 3" rear wheel spacers from The Tracks Company. They're well made and make me feel a little more stable both mowing the sides of hills and when using the FEL on a slight side tilt. I've still raise a rear tire off the ground a few times using the loader at odd angles with a 750lb weight on the 3 point.
    I think widening the machine helps. I'd do it again and probably stay with the same spacers. I really don't see a down side as long as you have all your lugs tight. Hope this helps.
    Despite what I just said the other day about widening the stance of the front wheels - it did not do well on the L185DT - I am interested to know how you have fared on the L3700, which is pretty close to the same as my new 3200. I do a fair amount of loader work; probably half the time I start the tractor it is to use the loader to move SOMETHING.
    Since the loader is so easy to remove I've been planning on taking it off while mowing or tilling. My feeling was that without the loader, the tractor would be wide enough to give me reasonable stability.
    Having said all of that, I'd still widen it, if there is no apparent down side. Your thoughts will be appreciated, and considered counsel.
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