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    L2501 Shuttle Shift Lever Leg Interference ??

    I pulled off the plastic and cut 3"s off. Replaced the plastic 👍
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    L3901 no start(fixed)

    My L3901 left me stranded when it would not restart on a dirt road. Could hear the fuel pump engage and had no Codes displayed. Checked the seat switch and all levers for correct positioning along withe switch. No issues found. Fuses were checked with a multimeter and Fuse 6 Starter relay had no...
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    Stress Test fail (a laugh for you)

    This is totally my fault. Back when I bought the BX1850 I got this CountyLine subsoiler which I modified for trenching and cut through roots. Today I needed to dig a trench and put it on the current tractor an L3901. 1850 would stop on a stump....Not the L3901.
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    Grading Scraper mod for additional blade life.

    I have had this Grading Scraper since 2016 and have worn out three-blade edges due to 2 lime rock roads I have to scrape. So I looked up a replacement to purchase and decided to drill some additional holes instead. :p
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    Seat Mod.

    Ever since I got the L3901 that seat has been very uncomfortable. I went and looked at a B3350 to see why its seat was very nice to sit in. I found the B3350 had a higher angle from back to front. The L3901 inclined down so were always kinda pushing yourself back in it. I adjust the L seat...
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    L3901 mods

    I did some modifications to my new L3901 after getting rid of the B3350. Most of these mods pertained to compensate for my handicaps. The first was adding a rearview mirror and the bilge blower fan. The dealer fabricated a new toplink for me so I can adjust from the chair. Otherwise, I have...
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    Need some quick buying advice

    My B3350 has left me stranded for the last time. Looking at a new L3091 this afternoon for replacement. What I mainly have it for is dirt road maintenance with a land planer, using a grapple, and volunteering to help maintain a local ballpark (roads and field mowing with a finishing mower) The...
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    Show me your Refueling Setup

    13 gpm 12vdc wired to battery wired to a solar panel.
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    B3350 hydraulic pressure adjustment

    How is the hydraulic pressure adjusted for a B3350? I believe mine is a little low. I will gauge it to find the actual pressure, just wish to know how ahead of time if required. Searching shows different ways to adjust for other Kubotas just not a 3350.
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    Quick Hitch modification.

    I use a quick hitch to help change the implements since I don't have much use of the left leg. The QH still allows a bit of a float which is not god using a box blade or land planner. The mod I came up with is using a short top-link and U-shackles. Weld a shackle to the QH but drill out the...
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    My 3350 comfort

    Dead golf cart cover=free 2 steel 1/2" poles $4 2 U-bolts $3 12vdc bilge blower $22 Scrap wood and 90° sewer elbow=free Now non sun worshipper with a great breeze on demand.