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    Momentarily losing a function

    The problem is I have the quarter inching valve vs the positioning valve so if the lever is down then the hydraulic pump is still working thus causing the loss of pressure and the loader down function running slow. As soon as I move the quarter inching valve back to the neutral position I regain...
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    Momentarily losing a function

    I have found the issue while box blading the other day. If the quarter inching valve is in the up pressure or down pressure location it will cause the one way down function to slow down for whatever reason.
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    Momentarily losing a function

    Today while doing some loader work I lost use of my bucket down function. All other functions preformed as they should but the down function went really slow. After about 30 seconds of this it kicked out of it and worked just fine. Any thoughts? Maybe an air pocket? This happened once before as...
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    Hoist Ring Tie Down?

    Use a heavy gauge angle iron and you can space your holes to match factory bolt holes. Sturdy and easy. You could always weld gussets on to it from additional strength.
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    Can you swap out the 1/4 inching valve?

    Can you swap out the quarter inching valve for position control valve?
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    B7500 Instrument Panel Circuits Oxidation Help

    My fuel gauge was intermittent. I took my panel apart and saw corrosion as well. So I disconnected the battery took some steel wool to the ribbon cable and the pins. I also took a tiny electrical screwdriver and bent the pins outward to make a stronger contact. Last I took the air to blow out...
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    Show me your cup holders

    Attached to the cross bar on my B7800 the previous owner had a handle there. I needed water over the handle. Just used a 3inch PVC coupler glued to a PVC clean out. Drilled a drain hole in the square clean out and counter sunk my bolt as to not be in the way. Now I have my 32oz Yeti for long...
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    Hearing protection with music when running the tractor? What do you use?

    I just found these that look nice and much less expensive than the Packtalk headphones posted earlier. I don’t think you can do music however just coms.
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    Hearing protection with music when running the tractor? What do you use?

    I purchased these to have. They have active noise canceling and have good sound for cheap compared to the Bose.!
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    Electrical question for adding LED lights

    Are the ones your looking at tying into front facing? Cause if that’s the case you will have front and rear lights on together. You would have to wire in another switch to make them independent from the fronts. Also yes that circuit should be able to handle the extra rear lights.
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    Tie down points

    I use 4 10,000 lbs double hook ratchet straps on the tractor. Then I have two 1.5 inch 3000 lbs sex straps I use to secure the attached implements.
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    Tie down points

    Built these tie down hooks for trailering. Just used a thick wall angle iron and angled the edges.
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    Picture of your tractor on your trailer

    Day I picked it up last month.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Also got my work lights mounted.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Yes it is on the B-7800 FEL