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    Fuel prices

    Russia's invasion of Ukraine caused a disruption in the normal distribution of petroleum products. Russia is a major producer of diesel for the rest of the world. When the rest of the world decided to punish Russia for the invasion and stopped purchasing diesel from them, they needed new...
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    Guns...Times have changed...

    The rats no longer live in the rivers
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    BX2380 50 Hour, Lessons Learned

    With the tire valve at the 12 o'clock position. I would also like to point out that filled tires will sometimes spin on the rim when the tire pressure is low, so I keep mine at 30 PSI. Another thing to consider is that the rubber tire valve stems that the tractors come from the factory with...
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    What type of motor oil?

    I don't doubt that some Kubota owners would park their tractors in their living room if they could figure out a way to get them into the home.
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    Same Container / less product

    Sure glad that my wife bought me all my holiday presents in advance because when I kick the bucket, I will get to use them all. Got a casket for Christmas, a cemetery plot for my birthday, and a one-way ride to the cemetery for our anniversary. It pays off well to buy in advance before the...
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    Kubota Front Weight Assembly Fit?

    As a Kubota part, it is probably worth about $10, but as scrap iron, the sky is the limit!
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    Fuel prices

    The cost of my little blue pill has gone up so much, that I had to choose between my wife and my mistress.
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    Same Container / less product

    Do they make the bagels the old-fashioned way or do they come in frozen and baked them? I remember as a very young kid going to the bagel factory with my father and asking to see how they were made. They would roll the dough on a slab and then join the ends. Then they tossed them into boiling...
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    Same Container / less product

    However, the chickens are now laying smaller eggs. They want more feed if the farmer expects them to lay bigger eggs. It is more uncompensated work effort to push out a larger egg than a smaller egg.
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    Fuel prices

    The Democratic plan to forgive student loans is clearly the Democratic way of buying off voters for their votes. Politicians don't care where the money is going to come from because they are not the ones that are going to be ponying up the $$$$$ to pay for this fiasco. Next will be for the...
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    Bseries valve clearances

    Did you register as "edowns" and make the original post?
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    What type of Diesel fuel?

    The light on the dashboard of my BX23S has just come on, and that means that the fuel that came from the dealer is almost all used up. I am in a quandary as to what brand and type of diesel fuel I should buy. The dealer is too far away to go back to buy some diesel fuel from them, and I just...
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    BX1860 will not start

    If it were running prior to your "repair", then it should run again, assuming that you reassembled everything correctly. If you didn't mess with the fuel solenoid valve, then it should still be working correctly after changing fuel lines and filters. I had a similar problem with my BX22 when...
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    Bseries valve clearances

    Why do you think that the valves need adjustment? Having done this type of work on older gasoline engines, I know that it can be tricky and that if you make a mistake, it is worse than had you left it alone. Unless your engine isn't running correctly, my suggestion is to leave it alone or have...