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    BX25 rebuild

    Do you know what the bucket is rated for in weight?
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    Anyone make a 2x12 or similar angled snow pusher for their bucket?

    That is because in Minnesota flurries are 5-6 inches of snow, and a true snowstorm is more like 24-30 inches of snow. I believe that you call it "Lake effect snow" or is in Michigan and Upper New York State.
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    BX25 rebuild

    It is important to read and understand the very first post. 'Then check where the person is from, and you will learn a lot about Kubota tractors around the world. They also had a great grass bagger system that would elevate and then dump the clippings. It wasn't available in the States. It...
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    BX25 rebuild

    I believe that your hydraulic problem might be the hoses and where they are going. I had a similar problem with my BX22 every spring when I put the loader back on and the snowblower hitch off. I had to learn what hoses when to where. I resolved the problem with different colors of electrical...
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    B7100 new owner- cannot start - need advise.

    The first recommendation is to remove your telephone number and your email address. The second is to check for any safety switches to make sure that they are in the neutral position. Even older tractors had some safety devices on them such as the PTO levers.
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    The Lottery - Anyone hit it?

    My wife found out that I hit the lottery last night. This morning she asked me what I was going to do with the money. I told her that I would give her half and then asked her what she was going to do with her half. Told me that she was just waiting for the day that she had enough money so she...
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    snowblower chute

    #189.95 fastest delivery December 31 - January 20 That us more than a few days.
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    My Turn :(

    I took my Kubota tractor to the Kubota tractor doctor, and it was vaccinated against the Super UDT oil-eating microbes. The tractor didn't complain about one iota, however, since my tractor didn't have a Kubota Health Insurance Plan I had to pay for the treatment out of pocket it took all the...
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    Advice and experience with zero turn mowers

    they are for the newer engines, but not very good for the older engines. Many of those older pieces of equipment were powered by Briggs, and today it is getting extremely difficult to get the parts to repair those old engines. I can remember when he would hone a block and install a new...
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    Unique Situation - Need Thoughts and Advice

    My 1988 Taurus handled extremely well and it never killed anyone.
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    Do you have a certificate of Origin?

    You can get a certificate of origin by requesting it from the selling dealer. They don't ever offer it to you, you must make the specific request for one.
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    Advice and experience with zero turn mowers

    The last local shop that sold serviced Husqvarna is closing. I asked the owner why and he said it was for lack of replacement parts availability. New inventory was slow to arrive, the costs were up and the margins were down. Same story with all the other brands that he serviced. Briggs and...
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    Anyone make a 2x12 or similar angled snow pusher for their bucket?

    Tonight go out to the local highway and bring your tool kit with you. When no one is looking, grab a section of galvanized guard rail. When you get it home, cut it to the proper length to have a little overhand on each end of the bucket. Using the fire axe that you borrowed off of the fire...
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    My Turn :(

    I lost a lot of friends to COVID-19, and almost lost a good friend who refused to get vaccinated and wound up in the hospital for almost 3 months. He still won't get vaccinated, and still has his head up his ass when it comes to protective vaccines. Just a few months ago I lost a friend who...
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    BH77 adding hydraulic thumb project.....Soup to nuts.

    What did our ancestors use to build the Great Wall of China or the Tombs in Egypt?