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    Who has R14 tires?

    We had this discussion previously when I asked about tires for my BX, and last week when I was at the Kubota dealer parts counter, I asked about that specific subject. I was told that as long as you replace all 4 tires with the newer sized tires that Kubota is selling on their new machine that...
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    Hyd oil filter not sealing tight

    Did you lube the sealing ring before installation. The filter only gets hand tightened with a lubed rubber ring. You need a filter wrench to get it off next time. My bet is that you have not lubed the rubber ring, and that when it contacted the metal facing, it stuck tight, and pulled the...
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    Bx mower deck question

    I was looking at a used BX25 at the Kubota dealers lot yesterday, and I looked at the mower deck, and aside from the plastic covers vs. the metal covers on my 60" BX22 deck, it looked the same as mine. I think that the only way that you will actually know for certain is if you attempt to mount...
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    Daily Chuckle

    I was in Costco on Sunday, and they had a wall 30' high, and about 3 pallet racks deep, with TP. Looked like multiple trailer loads. I can't ever remember ever seeing that much in one store.
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    Front Mounted Weight Bracket

    That is the only reason that I am installing the weights on the tractor. Picked up a like new tiller last winter from a man that was terminal. I wanted to buy his tractor, but he said that his wife would need it to clear the snow, but the neighbor that helped me load it, said that the wife was...
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    How do you fill your tank?

    For many years, I had a Gas Boy electric pump mounted in the garage, and it was plumbed into my underground fuel storage tank. I removed the tank last year, and in preparation for its removal, I pumped the tank dry with an electric filtering pump that I borrowed from a friend that has a sea...
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    Safety shields

    Only in California, where everything is known to the state to cause cancer.. There is a Prop 65 warning on just about everything that you buy in that state. A friend has a mail order business, and he has to put the Prop 65 warning labels on every item, and on the outside of the box that goes to...
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    Front Mounted Weight Bracket

    I like the idea.. Thanks .. Did you put a threaded rod through the hole on the weights that ties them all together? I was thinking of using a 5/8" piece of threaded rod.
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    Front Mounted Weight Bracket

    Today, I installed the BX8064 weight bracket on the front of my BX22. I mounted a BL8060 55# weight on it, and proceeded to look through my nut and bolt cabinet for a bolt that will hold the weight to the bracket. Kubota makes a BL8062 bolt kit for it, but at $6.00 per kit, and needing 5 of...
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    Site Update, Q&A

    I was going to post my sentiments on the upgrade, however, I remembered a thread on VBulletin that summed up the upgrades, and I will quote it here, giving credit to Alice 3.8.11 is the most stable of all the VBulletin products, and if it ain't broken, then don't mess with it. Heck, on my...
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    Spammers, Threads, Posts

    It is easy to stop the spammers before they ever get to type 1 letter on the website. I have run a VBulletin forums for 10 years, and not one spammer has gotten by me. You have to do your do diligence before they can be approved. This next statement will probably get me kicked off, but I...
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    Kerosene opps....

    Here is the answer....
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    Use CO detectors in your shed/garage, it's a silent killer!

    I keep a CO detector in my Ford Explorer, and it routinely runs between 5 - 8 ppm with the windows closed. Fords fix didn't fix it, so I drive with the drivers window slightly open at the top. That along with the acrid smell upon heavy acceleration is enough to say that this is probably the...
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    Mower and 3PH counterweight won't stay up.

    The 3 point hitch on my BX has been like that since day 1. I just close the valve under the seat, and it doesn't leak down. If I had to guess, it might be because the cylinder is designed that way, otherwise Kubota would have fixed it 15 years ago.
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    Can you figure this one out? Answer post 12!

    This is why fuel oil delivery trucks now utilize temperature compensating meters and registers on the delivery hose. In the old days, the trucks were filled in the late afternoon, and then kept in a warm garage, so the fuel would expand, and was still warm for most of the deliveries. You were...