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    First service at 50 hours

    Time for you to sand, prime, and paint the rust spots. It will help to keep your tractor from rusting any further and preserve its value. It doesn't have to be professional looking, it just needs to keep the rust at bay.
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    To Plow or not To Plow

    It also helps to accelerate the rust on your car or truck.
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    LX2940 Quick Hitch Manual

    I have had the same problem with my BX2816 snowblower, where the drive attaching bolt shears. I just know to keep an eye on it. I bought the bolt the last time from the Kubota dealer, but I don't know if what they sold me was a true Kubota part or a standard hardware bolt. Either way, they...
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    A little whine anyone?

    Ford police cars have a pulse to the brake lights for a second or two and then steady red. I have no problem with the pulsing, and it does get your attention.
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    Gear heads

    Put my winter tires on last Saturday, and they had to be programmed into the car. The machine that was used didn't recognize the sensors in the valves, but the car did. Marked the summer tires so they will go back on in the same place as they came off.
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    A little whine anyone?

    Until some cop is blinded by the lights sitting at an intersection.
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    B2782B snowblower - loosening driveline

    I think after 5 years you should treat it to all new bearings in the spring, and check everything. The chain drive snowblowers take a beating, but they are very durable. I am switching to the gear reduction box snowblower for this year's snowfall, but I think that I am going to keep my chain...
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    Front snow blower for B2601

    I believe that the BX & B both use the same K Connect, but the driveshaft is different.
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    Wanted: BX Snowblower Gear Box Case

    Still looking. The one that riccinukeu has is not the one that I need. The one that I need it at the front of the snowblower, and between the augers.
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    Post Hole Foundation Question

    Don't forget to bring some comfortable furniture, a small heater, and possibly an air mattress to sleep on.:)
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

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    To Plow or not To Plow

    I suggested South, not West. South would be Alabama, North or South Carolina, or Georgia, you get my snow drift?
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    Another Am I getting Shafted Question

    What was the original cost of the tractor when you put down the deposit? Below is the cost today, but might not be accurate enough because I don't know how it was ordered. You can google Build a Kubota tractor and go to the Kubota website to see the current costs. I just can't understand an...
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    Self-Check-out at Walmart

    If that happened in New England or the Northeast, the person that shot out the tires would be charged with a gun violation. I heard on the news that NJ will not even respond to shoplifter complaints from the stores unless the amount is greater than a thousand dollars. When I called the police...
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    Front snow blower for B2601

    It is kind of late in the season to find used, but occasionally a complete unit shows up on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. I sold a BX5455HD over the weekend, and the buyer told me that he has been looking for one for 5 months, and those that he found were 100s of miles away. Sold my 60"...