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    Running Hot

    You must be new to diesel engines.:giggle: Due to extreme efficiency of diesel engine, an idling diesel engine barely makes enough heat to keep itself warm. There is NO WAY that idling can make it any hotter. Infact, in subzero ambient temperatures, an idling diesel may NEVER register any heat...
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    Self-Check-out at Walmart

    I grew up in the Kingdom of Arabia and and can tell you they INDEED cut off body-parts in accordance to the crime. Stealing Saying something bad about the King Messing with the wrong woman I will let the reader figure out which body part was inflicted for each infraction... BTW: The...
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    Self-Check-out at Walmart

    My Wife (recently retired from WallyMart) used to 'observe' the self-checkouts. She used to tell me stories of the MANY ways customers attempted to skirt the system. Many shoppers are not aware that the 'observer' can SEE EVERY ITEM SCANNED and has CAMERAS on their handheld device. It is...
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    Voltage Drop Tests for Dummies (Namely Me)

    You seem to understand that your problem is a voltage-drop between battery+ and starter (small wire) Be aware, your root-cause is most-likely a "safety switch" somewhere in that circuit. (seat, PTO...etc) I commend you for realizing that VOLTAGE DROP tests are the most efficient way to...
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    I am almost CERTAIN your issue is the "lift pump". (underneath right-rear wheel on frame) There are ABSOLUTELY NO 'safety switches' which can kill G5200 engine after it has been started. (The 'safety switches' can only prevent cranking) The 'lift pump' should receive full battery-voltage as...
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    Running Hot

    Plan on cleaning the radiator often DO NOT shut off hot engine (allow to idle for at least 5 minutes after working machine hard)
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    Sometimes you just have to say it...

    The assumption that all retail employees are "cashiers" is mistaken and not considering the purpose of employees in the first place. In reality, retail employees are there to help the company make money.... not solely to run a register. Historically, they ran a cash register because this was...
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    Toxic add

    Have you tried FIREFOX browser on your phone?
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    Diesel Fuel

    Another way to think of JIT delivery.... Your refrigerator has about 1 week of milk in it. (after that, it either runs out or goes bad) As long as you keep buying milk weekly, your fridge will NEVER run out. HOWEVER: If you skip buying milk one week.... you will run out of milk in your...
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    Starter problem

    If I am reading this correctly, you are saying that the starter WILL WORK sometimes.... but often, the bendix just clicks without the starter cranking the engine. This sounds like a problem with SAFETY SWITCHES not allowing enough current to the small connector on the starter. (Too much...
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    Take a guess what the problem was

    True story.... Even a partially blocked pitot tube can result in overrunning runway during landing. After much investigation, it was discovered that the daubers could move in within 15 minutes of a plane landing. HENCE: They instituted special procedures which included inspection and...
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    Take a guess what the problem was

    Been there, done that. If I had seen this posting earlier, I would have told you what the problem was ;)
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    only 25 days of diesel fuel left

    I can only speak for Vermont..... Historically, there was no large source of coal like in Pennsylvania/Ohio so Heating-Fuel was quickly adopted over wood. More recently -- It is mainly the 'environmentalists' who have blocked Natural Gas distribution. You are correct that there is plenty of...
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    only 25 days of diesel fuel left

    Be aware, the New England states consume HUGE amount of home heating oil over the next 5 months. Home heating fuel is EXACTLY the same stuff we call "Offroad Diesel Fuel". Most household fuel tanks are 275 gallons and there are 1000s of homes to be filled up. What this means is, your "25 days"...
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    Fuel additive use or not

    Clean diesel fuel can store for YEARS within a sealed container.... Most fuel-storage is NOT sealed. It is WATER and AIR which are the catalysts for fuel to go 'bad'. That is correct. Said another way: Diesel fuel additives have several MEASURABLE benefits: (None which 'stabilize')...