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    R14s - Closer to R1s or R4s in the field?

    If you are doing any kind of regular field work in muddy, sandy or wet conditions there is no substitute for R1s. R14s still tend to plug up too much versus shedding mud like an R1. Also R1s will have more lbs/sq inch of weight due to their narrower profile.
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    Good R4s for Mud, snow

    There are no good R4s for mud and snow. R4s suck for those applications. Stick with your R1s.
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    Which tractor should I wait 10 months for?

    Another vote for the Mx6000. It should be cheaper than a Grand L. Most importantly get R1 tires for your uses. Traction sucks with R4s.
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    Can I adjust the lift height of 3 point hitch on MX6000

    I run mine in the lowest hole so I can perform the same type of brush hogging that davemc wishes to do.
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    Can I adjust the lift height of 3 point hitch on MX6000

    You can adjust lift height by moving the top link arm up/down on the end where it attaches to the tractor. Without looking at mine, i think there is 4 holes for the pin to go in.
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    Tractor for swampy forest

    I do a lot of brush hogging in my marsh. About 4 ft of muck like yours. I almost always have to use my 2wd 3000lb Ford 850. It stays on top of the grass when reasonably dry. I buried my mx5200 once and have had to bucket myself out several others. At nearly 7000lbs with fluid, bucket, etc...
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    MX5400 or MX6000?

    I have an MX for all the same uses you would use it for. I would sure hate to be without the HST.
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    5740 R4 swap to Ags

    Yes you will need new rims all around. When i did it the dealer included the new centerpiece. R4s are wider. R1s are taller.
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    swapping out tires and wheels question

    You can swap them out. I purchased my mx5200 from the dealer with the same R4 sizes you mention. After realizing what shitty tires R4s are for fieldwork or operating anywhere in snow i had the dealer switch them out to R1. My R1 fronts are the same as yours. My R1 rears are 13.6x28 but I...
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    How good would a grapple work picking up cut and split firewood logs?

    A rock grapple with double lid will work ok A root grapple with single lid might suck.
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    R1 vs R4 for L3901

    Old and Tired is right on the money. For your stated uses HST will be way more efficient and youll like it better. Who wants to shift gears all the time?
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    R1 vs R4 for L3901

    If you need any kind of traction in mud, snow, on slopes or for any tillage applications stay with R1. R4s are horrible for traction in any real working conditions. The "R4 is tougher argument" is mute unless you are working construction. I run a grapple all the time with heavy logs and my...
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    kubota M6060

    Unless you are pulling that plow through granite you should easily pull a 3 bottom plow with your ac on with that tractor.
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    Mixing R1s and R4s

    Too bad you are so far away. Ive got a set of 12.5-16 R4s off my MX5200 that i would sell you. They are on the rims and have 200 hrs on them. I hated R4s and switched to R1s.