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  • Good afternoon kind sir, I am in search of a L285 s/n 10414 steering gearbox assembly or just the housing. I found you through the world wide web and hope you may be able to help. Thank and talk with you soon.
    Hello. At this time I do not have one. I am in the process of buying another l295 that I will be partying out. It uses the same steering box is the L 285. If you can wait a few weeks I can probably help you. You can reach me at (209)-713-4066
    Thank you. Lance Newhall
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    Will do, Thanks and have a great day.
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    Hi Kubotaguy i tried to contact you this morning but i think i just did it to myself not to bright on getting thesee message things working if you get this i am looking for a bevel gear for a L225 DT tractor can you help me please Mike
    I need a L285 steering gear box, P/N 34260-16110. I've tried all the salvage places, looked for aftermarket etc. contact me at natedozier at att dot net I did do a search on here already didn't find a match or I looked over it. Thank you muc
    Hi Lance, they activated my account after I sent them a message. Thanks again for your help.
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    Hello Lance. You just responded about a b7100 left fender. Let me know how much. I would also like some pics of it if possible. Also can it be shipped??? Thanks
    hey lance i was seeing if you have, front grill support an brackets lh an rh new type b7100 hst
    hi there.. would you have an oil dipstick for L4150 p/n on it 17381-36411 or have one and will give me the distance from bottom to bottom of stopper..thanks mine has sliped and i can not see where it was
    Member referral to you for parts. Looking for Bevel and ring gear for L3750 front axle. I can send part number tomorrow
    Hello, Lance; reset my phone, may have lost messages. Touching bases to re-establish communication
    Hi Lance

    I was refereed to you for a part for my kubota 185f. Im looking for the tach gear box that runs the tachometer. It on the front right hand side of the engine. Anyway that the part I'm looking for.
    Hi Lance
    You sold the the end arm link/w bushing for my L245dt last summer. Thanks, holding up great.

    When I got it back, the shop mgr said "its a great tractor for someone who can do most of their own work" and then mentioned one of many issues: Diesel leaks out of the middle injector around the base.

    I've tried to just tighten the injector, but I lack a proper tool and/or experience.

    Anyway, the real question is what to do about the injector. I assume I need a new copper washer under it, but what kind of wrench to get at it without banging up all the tubes and lines in and out? (i actually did replace the return line from that injector as the previous owner had some crappy rubber tubing that wasn't rated for diesel. Tool suggestions, and ..seems there are places where we send these things so they can rebuild them? injectors?

    thanks if you have the time to get back to me...I am loving that orange beast!

    Dave Johnson, Molalla Oregon
    hi you have been recommend as the go to guy
    i have a b8200hst i am losing drive when the oil heats up
    new hydrostatic pack / strainers / flushed out the system
    back end oil seem ok as it lifts plough no bother etc

    any suggestions


    andy from scotland
    Was recommended I contact you for some parts for D1803 engine, could use a head(mine is cracked in several places) and several pistons. Just need standard pistons. Could get by with just 2 pistons. Kubota part #s ...head is 1G841-03043 and the pistons are 1A041-21112. Or any one else who may have the parts. THANKS
    It was recommended I get in touch with you regarding the availability or help with acquiring a crankcase and crank for an L5030 with the v2403 engine. I am in northern california and looking to get one quick. I was also recommended to check with Kentucky tractor and they have one for me. I was all set to order them but was told to ask you if you had or knew a good local source. Anyway, hope you don't mind helping a new guy out. Really appreciate all your time.

    Best regards,

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