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  1. bearbait
    Afternoon my friend, things are going well. We had 3 people take a look so far and 2 sound promising. Mom is doing pretty much the same and wife is doing well, she managed to get a few pictures of a doe that walked in the yard this morning so she's happy. Hope all is well with you and your lovely wife. All this rain is getting kind of depressing though, hopefully it will end later in the week and we'll be able to get the 2 wheel toy out for another run. Take care my friend and give that lovely lady a hug for us

  2. bearbait
    Afternoon skeets my friend. Beautiful day here however tonight and tomorrow don't look good. It won't be long before all this is forgotten and we'll be catching bugs in our teeth on the bikes. Hey maybe I should save them for bait. Have a good one buddy and give that girl of yours a big hug for us.

  3. PFConnolly
    Thanks Skeets. Best of luck to you.
  4. skeets
    Your best bet would be Wolfman, he has access to the stuff the WSM doesnt show, and he can give you some tips too I bet.
    Sorry I could my friend, lots of things I dont know and I aint afraid to admit it,,lol
  5. PFConnolly
    Hey Skeets, you helped me out last summer with my BX2230 fan replacement. Much appreciated. I have a L35 with a hydraulic leak. I got a WSM but it doesn***8217;t show me what I need to do to replace some ***8220;O***8221; rings. Can you get me going in the right direction?
  6. bearbait
    I'm real sorry to hear that skeets, I sure hope things get better for you soon, this old age thing isn't what it's cracked up to be. If anything changes (for the better I hope) just let me know.
  7. bearbait
    Hey buddy, i wasn't just blowin smoke, if you ever want to come for a visit you'll have a place to stay. We retired to our camp because I had to leave work on a medical retirement however things aren't so bad. We have a 2 bedroom cottage that's pretty comfortable but not a 4 star. Bottomline, if you want to come up for a fish or site see your more than welcome.
    All the best Donnie
  8. skeets
  9. coachgeo
    link please and will be happy to.
  10. ShaunBlake
    Okay, I've gotta know: did Santa leave switches and ashes in your stocking? (I'm sure the traditional lumps of coal would have been received with delight, considering the climate up there.)

    And before you ask, I din't even hang a stocking this year -- I couldn't stand the thought of what would be in it! So I just sang, ***9835; I'm getting nothing for Christmas; mama and daddy are mad; I'm getting nothing for Christmas; they say that I've been bad ***9834;

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