Kubota Servicing 101: Part 2 – Fuel Filter

We continue our multi-article overview of basic Kubota maintenance by taking a look at the fuel system. In Part 1 of this series, we covered off air filter servicing, so have a look if you have not already.

2 Styles
Depending on your model of Kubota, your tractor will be equipped either with a spin-on cartridge style fuel filter (like the L175, L185, L1500, etc) or it will have the more popular paper element/sediment bowl style of fuel filter.

Spin-On Style
Can’t get any easier than this! Turn off the fuel petcock located on the left hand side of the fuel tank. Next, locate the filter assembly. It looks like a small oil filter but instead is mounted straight up and down, unlike the oil filter which is mounted sideways and more to the front of the engine on your Kubota.

A spin on fuel filter

A spin on fuel filter

Place a catch basin under the filter and loosen it off. It’s going to come off full of fuel so be careful. Once removed, clean the underside housing off with a shop rag. Check the old filter and make sure that the sealing o-ring came off with the filter. Sometimes they get stuck to the underside of the housing and if you forget to fish it out, you’ll have a fuel leak from hell until you figure it out!

Here’s something that will spare you bleeding injector lines after a fuel filter change – spin on the new fuel filter but just leave it loose by a thread or two. Reach over and open the petcock shut off to allow fuel to fill the filter. It will fill all the way up and run over the sides of the filter down into your catch bucket below. At this point, tighten the fuel filter up and wipe off any spilled diesel. Done. Easy!

Sediment Bowl Style
The sediment bowl and element filter is the more widely fuel filtration system used by Kubota. Even the early Kubota B Series B5100, B6100 or B7100 and gray models B5001, B6001 or B7001 had them. Here’s how to service this style of fuel filter system.

Close the fuel petcock located just above the sediment bowl. Place your catch basin under the filter and loosen off the large retainer ring holding the sediment bowl assembly on. This may be tight and unless you have the correct Kubota service tool for this task, you may employ a flat blade screwdriver and a brass drift to nudge that ring loose.

Sediment bowl style fuel filter system

Sediment bowl style fuel filter system

After loosening, the bowl will drop bringing the filter with it. If the filter hangs up in the housing, simply remove it. You’ll notice that the sediment bowl seals with a larger rubber o-ring as shown in the exploded view below.

Inspect this o-ring in the assembly

Inspect this o-ring in the assembly

Inspect the filter’s o-ring and make sure it’s not nicked or damaged, especially during reinstall. If the filter came out in the bowl, use a set of pliers to carefully remove the filter from the sediment bowl, and be careful here – those sediment bowls are very prone to cracking if you pry on the filter to remove it from the bowl. I have seen Kubota fuel filters jammed so hard into the sediment bowls that the filter breaks apart trying to remove them! Under the filter will be a small spring. Make sure it’s replaced when reinstalling the new filter.

Next, clean out the sediment bowl with varsol or in your parts cleaner. Clean the metal tightening ring and wipe the bottom of the sediment bowl housing clean before reinstalling the fuel filter element and bowl. As we covered before with the spin-on type, let fuel spill out of the sediment bowl before fully tightening the ring to avoid having to bleed the injector lines.

Summary for Servicing your Fuel Filter

  • determine if you have a spin-on or sediment bowl (more common) style of fuel filter system
  • place fuel catching bucket underneath filter assembly
    • Spin-On Style

    • spin-off making sure sealing o-ring came off too
    • replace with new filter
      Bowl Style

    • close fuel petcock
    • loosen large retainer ring
    • drop bowl and carefully remove filter if necessary
    • inspect assembly o-ring for damage
    • replace filter on top of small spring
  • screw on new filter but leave loose by 2-3 threads
  • open fuel petcock
  • let fuel fill filter and run out and down into your catch bucket
  • tighten fuel filter for the remainder

If you’d like to learn more, head on over to Part 3.

Service Department Vic

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  1. walter friedl Said,

    February 25, 2009 @ 12:32 pm

    good advise on fuel filter replacement thanks.

  2. Jan Said,

    March 21, 2009 @ 7:59 am

    Is there a video or instructions on changing engine oil for a Kubota b7300?

  3. Mr. K Said,

    March 21, 2009 @ 9:57 am

    Hello Jan, thank you for posting – we do not yet have a video for changing engine oil up yet but we are filming again this April. Videos of fluid changes are slated to be filmed as well. Stay tuned!

  4. bryon Said,

    March 24, 2009 @ 10:00 am

    i need help my 3 point hitch goes up but i can push it down by hand anyone know how to fix or what might be wrong

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