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Default G5200 Fuel Pump???

My G5200 has been running a bit rough from time to time, almost like it is missing. It started every once in a while, now it has continuously worsened. I have noticed that the fuel pump is making a loud clicking noise when I turn the key to warm the glow plugs. Any suggestions or questions? If you would like to hear the noise second hand, shoot me an email address and I will forward you the sound recorded via Iphone. It seemed to be worse when I was putting a load on the tractor, full throttle with the mowing deck engaged. Now the mower seems to not want to start for me at all. I believe it is due to needing a new fuel pump, but before I waste anymore time or money I figured I would give the good ole OTT forum a shot.
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Default Re: G5200 Fuel Pump???

Did you change the fuel filters? Notice I said filters, a pre filter down behind the right back wheel and the one by the engine. The clicking sound is correct telling you it's running, how's the fuel pressure, pull the line off by the engine and turn the key. I changed the pump about 3 years ago, easy job. The tractor was getting really hard to start, but once running did run fine.

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