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Default Kubota L235 Hydraulic Lift Problem

Hello all. Been reading for about a year since I got my 1985 L235 but never needed to ask a question until now.

When I bought my 235 I serviced the whole machine, engine oil, hydro/Trans oil, all filters, etc. It has a little over 300 original hrs. Bought from old man who used to till a garden each year. All I use it for is to pull a 5' 3-point bushghog to cut my deer lanes each year. Last year everything worked fine. Took it out today to cut some overgrown lanes and it worked for about an hour or so and then I started having trouble lifting the 3-point, until it just wouldn't lift anymore. Was about 2 hrs trailered back home and when I cranked it it lifted like usual once it was cooled off.

Now I have about 6hrs total on the hydraulic oil and filter. Aftermarket oil (utg equivalent), Kubota Hydraulic filter. Level is full, no pinched lines. I did notice when coming back down a very long lane back to the trailer, the whole time trying to lift the bushhog, that when I go to the trailer I saw a very little bit of smoke coming from what looked like the hydraulic pump (was behind the side panel so I couldn't see if it was oil burning or what, but it quit right after.

Reading this forum I see where the L series had either the stainless wire screen in the tranny and then they converted to the screw on canister on top of the hydraulic pump (Like mine).

I will say that since I've owned it if you are idling and lift the 3-point it won't raise the bushhog until I idle it up and then it lifts fine.

Is my pump weak and finally kicked the bucket? Could my new Kubota filter be bad and its plugged up? Any ideas as to where to start on this thing?

Sorry for being long, just wanted to be thorough. I appreciate any help you can give.

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