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Default Block Heater

Thought about using a magnetic oil pan heater for my BX 2360 instead of installing a block heater. Anyone ever used one? Is it safe to do or should I just put in a block heater.
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Default Re: Block Heater

Welcome Warcloud and for what my two cents is worth on this subject; I used them in the late sixties and early seventies when they were all the rage. They worked but the dip stick type would burn your oil in as little as 15 minutes if not removed. They are simply induction coils that heat as current is past through the element. They are available in several wattages from as low as 50 - 1,000 watts. If you insist on a mag heater go look at this site: http://www.padheaters.com/.

Ole OB1's advice consider the expense of a water jacket block heater. It will never cause a fire, if it shorts it will immediately blow a fuse or trip a breaker if 115 VAC plug in type. The coolant has a natural circulation because of the density of water Vs oil and that teamed up with a 0-30 synthetic oil will work in 40 below weather without engine wear during cold friction starts.
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Default Re: Block Heater

I agree with OB1 Use a coolant heater. For all the reasons OB1 wrote plus it will get your engine warm enough to start much quicker. Not that a pan heater is a real bad idea, but they are never as satisfactory as a block heater. The Kubota heater for your engine is very easy to install.
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Smile Re: Block Heater

Thank you all! I have been thinking about the same subject Warcloud for asking the question and Ob1 for the answer and eserv.

I'm checking with my dealer on the heater now, Oh one other thing the 0-30 synthetic oil ? Do you find it to work the best?

With the amount my B6000 takes even I can afford to use. Thanks again guys, Jerry
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Default Re: Block Heater

Jerry when my Nephew was stationed at Elmendorf AFB ( He was a Master Chief over F16 Maintenance) thats all they used in the winter months in all their small liquid diesels. Go figure, Uncle Sam does it right
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Default Re: Block Heater

Well let me ask this, since i am a newbee to the big orange,, Im wondering if a unit that goes in the radiator hose would work to keep things toasty,, though my BX 2360 will be in the pole building out of the weather is a heater really nessary? I know questions questions questions!!!!
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Default Re: Block Heater


Above link shows -4 Fahrenheit (= -20 Celsius) cold start.
Look a like he left it outside all night and started.
My B7510DT manual says use glow plug for 10 second pre heat -5 to -15 Celsius. and below -15 Celsius, should use engine block heater.
I'm keeping tractor inside of garage all times. so I don't think my non-heated garage would go below -5 Celsius...

Good luck.

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