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Default Metal Shavings in Hydraulic Filter

I have a 2008 L2800 with about 175 hrs. I changed out the hydraulic filter and found a fair amount of curled shaved metal in the magnetic area of the filter. I have no problems to report...they were not gear teeth. I have had NO problems...and the tractor was bought as a harvest return in 2009 with only 135 hrs on it...so you can see I don't use it that much. I have an FEL and Backhoe...and have recently added some hydraulics for a top and tilt for my box scraper. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should be checking or worried about. I have never had the dealer say anything before... this is the first time I have serviced it myself.
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Eric McCarthy

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Default Re: Metal Shavings in Hydraulic Filter

I do believe that should be kinda normal. Its just the tractor is getting broke in and you'll find all kinds of nasty stuff at the first service job. I dare say the next time you change the oil you should be fine.
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Default Re: Metal Shavings in Hydraulic Filter

The assembly debris is usual in the first oil change. The filter only may have been changed at 50 hours but not the oil given that there were still metal shavings. My guess is that your change was the first one.

That is why I recommend changing oil as well as the filter at 50 hours no matter what the manual states.

Anyway, your tractor is very likely just fine. No damage done.

One more thought - did the filter look like a replacement or was it the stock factory Kubota gray color (same color as the frame)? That should give a hint about whether your change was the first.
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Same thing happened to me at my 50hr fluid and filter change. Scared the crap out of me !
At the 300hr filter change all was fine.
I wouldn't worry about it ( too much ).

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