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Default g1800 or g1900

i,m looking to buy a used kubota lawn mower. what is the differance between a g1800 and a g1900. just looking at what i can find, whitch is not much, seems to be that the mower deck on the 1900 is larger. do the both have power steering? all wheel steering? any info about either one would be great. thanks david
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Default Re: g1800 or g1900

Knifer.... I hate it when no one answers a new members question but I have been watching your post for several days hoping someone would step up but... I now have the guts to answer. With 'old' OB1 its' age catching up with me when I talk about the good ole days when these beast ruled the mowing market! A guy from Clemson wanting a Canadian tractor has to be COOL .... So here goes dude....

Actually the G1700(2W) & 1800s(4W) were paired off as brothers. Jumping to the 1900 is a big jump, back then, because, if my memory doesn't fail me, the 19 HP model was available with the 60" midmount mower. The largest mower for the G1800-S was the 54" deck at 16 HP @ 40.03 cu/in. These were absolutely great mowers well beyond their competition and time for the money. These mowers had the first of what Kubota called the "quick-joint" where the shafts could be removed by a single hand sliding the yoke stay ball rack rearward. It was one of the first designs to move hot air away from the operator by reverse fan operation which was great for the South! ( never understood this since it was designed for a Canadian market) You need the heat on you up there dude ....

Now heres the punch line, I have only see one of these ( G1800s) for sale locally at Fouts Tractor in Ashville, AL in years. It set for months because the previous owner hadn't maintained the HST with proper fluid/filter changes and the all wheel steering was sluggish and jumpy ... Pat finally sold it but I don't know where it went) but with renewed parts worked as designed. It had 800 hours on the run hour meter and the chassis looked pretty good for all the lawn and sun it saw during its delivery as a new unit. If you can find one of these beast get it, because its old proven technology and worth a rebuild compared to the new GR2110 or steping up to the BX series
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