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Default Clutch Adjustment B7100

I believe that I need to adjust the clutch on my B7100 (gear drive 460 hours).

I'm getting a slight grinding when I first move the shift lever into any gear, I don't believe that the clutch is slipping in any way.

I've read that I can adjust the clutch, but I do not understand the terms "play" and "travel." What do these terms mean and how can i tell if i'm in the right tolerances (i.e. 2-4 mm play and 8mm travel)?

Assuming that I'm correct, and the clutch isn't slipping, does it sound like the clutch need to be adjusted?

Many thanks.

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Default Re: Clutch Adjustment B7100

Press your clutch pedal down with your hand and you can feel it move with only the resistance of the pedal return spring until the throw out bearing engages with the pressure plate springs : that is free play (2-4mm)

I usually unhook my pedal return spring first, to get a better feel for the resistance when the throwout bearing is just engaging with the pressure plate springs

Continue pressing down, as far as you can, until your pedal adjustment bolt pushes against the tractor body: this distance is the travel. Adjust the bolt so this distance is 8mm

Finally, adjust safety switch bolt gap to 3-4 mm

Test with the tractor running that:
Engine starts (safety switch gap setting is not too small)
Gears can be changed without snicking.
There is not excessive travel that puts unnecessary pressure on the pressure plate . Just enough so gears change ok and tractor isn't moving when you fully depress pedal.

If the latter happens be prepared to quickly throw the gear stick back to neutral or hit the cut off switch.

If adjusting clutch does not resolve the problem then you might need to look at possibility of worn pressure plate springs , worn throwout bearing and/or loose drive shaft cv joint.
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