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Question UDT or Super UDT?

I'm new to the forum and recently purchased a L2650 from a local dealer....in changing all of the fluids, should I stick with UDT for the transmission and hydraulics, or can I put in Super UDT? Any advantage to the Super UDT besides better for cold weather operation?
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Service Dept Vic
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Default Re: UDT or Super UDT?

In newer Kubota tractors equipped with SUDT from assembly, the operators manual will specify that SUDT be replaced when the fluid is changed.

This has more to do with the tranmsmission choices in the newer BX, GL40's, and M Series Kubota's now. Kubota has, GST, FST, FST-Plus, HST, Intellishift, Powershift, AND the Power Steering when Hydrostatic a few years ago, putting more demand on the hydraulic circuit.

Super-UDT is not synthetic as some owners think, but it is a far superior lubricant over UDT. Used in an older gear drive or GST tractor you may hear a little more hydraulic "pump" whine as the viscosity of SUDT is thinner, and would probably be a good choice in a colder climate.

The only benefit that you may find in using SUDT is that the change interval is double that of UDT. So, while you pay a premium price for the "Super", it can stay in service twice as long according to Kubota.

John Deere, Case, New Holland, Versitile, AGCO, McCormick, Kubota, Kioti, pick a tractor manufacturer! For the last 80 years they all have been pushing a lubricant line. They all claim you'll get the best performance from using only their oil.

I recently sold my L2650DT, had 1172 orig hrs, beautiful tractor, loved it.

I waxed it twice a year, was an enthusiastic owner, and am a pretty decent Ag Mechanic. I used only TDH Hydraulic oil in that Kubota and always bought it at Wal-Mart. A 5 gallon pail is $45 CDN everyday of the week. That's only $36 USD.
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Default Re: UDT or Super UDT?

I have a B2620 I purchased new this spring. I went to my dealer this weekend and bought everything to do the 50 hour service myself. I asked my dealer which hydraulic fluid to put back in and he said UDT would be fine. In fact, they don't carry the SUDT. He said that nobody buys it and they haven't had any reason to believe that the SUDT does anything the UDT doesn't. We live in SW Oklahoma where it is 100+ degrees all summer long and it seldom drops below freezing for longer than a day or two. So my B2620 which according to the manual came from the factory with SUDT will be getting it's fluid replaced with plain ole UDT fluid. Just wanted to pass along what I was told. If anyone thinks my dealer is way off base, please feel free substantiate your claims. Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: UDT or Super UDT?

While I agree with Vic on temperature and viscosities, SUDT is about how quick it gets there and what it does once there. On the molecular level you are lubricating metal to metal components that are reciprocating, rotating and compressing under great pressures. I have always found in mechanical experience the lubricity of petroleum products are based on friction modifers added to compounds that promote anti-wear and scar resistance formulas to basic organic crudes. ( academic terms for slickness ) The chemical properties of SUDT Vs UDT are all about " slickness '.... now you don't have to be an engineer to understand the value and longetivity of replacing lube oils especially these day when dollars are tight in this Obama economy in the States. Please take the time to learn these terms and then you decide whether or not you want to expose your new B2620 investment to anything less than what the engineers put in it from the factory.....

Kubota Super UDT Fluid

Kubota Super UDT has been developed as per the stringent specifications of Kubota-Japan.

Kubota Super UDT has been formulated using premium base-stocks and optimized chemistry to deliver increased performance and durability.

Key Features

Low Temperature Fluidity

Kubota evaluates fluid performance in a pump test stand at -30degC.

Improved flow for Super UDT compared to UDT and other commercial tractor hydraulic fluids.

Kubota Super UDT Key Features

Kubota Super UDT provides

Improved hydraulic transmission control

Smoother start of tractor's HST (hydrostatic transmission) at low temperatures

Improved flow through filters during cold temperature start-up.

Less wear on metal parts since Super UDT flows to critical contact areas during start-up.

Reducing Brake Squawk

Kubota evaluates a fluid's performance in SAE #2 machine and low velocity friction test.

Oil "C" is likely to cause squawk in either wet brakes or transmission clutches.

Kubota Super UDT is evaluated with transmission clutch and wet brake friction material.

Stable Friction Performance

Tractor fluids need to maintain friction properties during life of fluid, to insure proper operation of transmission clutches.

Other oil shows deteriorating friction which can lead to poor/harsh shifting, lessened torque transfer and possible wet clutch failure.

Super UDT is improved over previous UDT, offering longer friction stability. Testing is conducted in Kubota's own wet clutch test system.

Water Tolerance

Kubota Super UDT performance evaluated in the presence of water (0.2%-1.0%)

Super UDT maintains

-Stable friction for clutches
-Smooth gear shifting
-No brake squawk even when water (0.2%) is mixed into

Super UDT will not clog filter even when mixed with 1.0% water. Some fluids form sediment or solids that will clog or block important filters.

Kubota Super UDT features and benefits


Water Tolerance
No Rust- Reduces wear and tear on equipment

Smooth gear shifts

No brake squawk

Longer equipment life

Improved Shear Ability
Fluid has correct viscosity at high temperature. No metal to metal contact

Less shear of fluid means less power loss in hydraulic pumps

Proper viscosity means proper transmission shifting

Longer equipment life, less down time

Low temperature fluidity
Faster cold weather starts

Less time needed for warm-up

Hydraulics ready to operate with less jerking

Less metal to metal contact

Longer equipment life; less down time

Unique friction characteristics
Smooth gear shifts. Less operator shift shocks

No brake squawk. Less operator fatigue

Maintain brake capacity for safe stopping

Clutches and brake pads last longer

Improved equipment durability
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Service Dept Vic
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Default Re: UDT or Super UDT?

Ok, I'm sold. It's SUDT in this shop from now on! Send the bill to Mr. K. He'll know what to do with it!
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Default Re: UDT or Super UDT?

A year on and I have a question ;

Kubota Australia don't import SUDT , only UDT . Now my new BX has
factory filled SUDT ( so we're lead to believe ) which in 50 hours
time will require a replacement . What's the viscosity/spec of
Kubota SUDT ( UDT is 20w ? ) so that I can locate another companies
product equiv. ? Is it a synthetic 5w/30 ?
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Default Re: UDT or Super UDT?

We can only get premium udt in Canada. My service rep. tells me it is the same as super udt! It really does make a difference in the power shift tractors but the other machines don't seem to be as fussy. I have never seen a kubota transmission OR engine failure that I would attribute to poor lubrication. I have seen a few fail because of NO lubrication. Keep them filled and they will all give a happy carefree life!
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Default Research

Spent some time on the Net and have come to the following conclusion ;
SUDT is near as damn it the same as JD Low Viscosity Hy-Gard JD20D.
They have nearly identical profiles at 40 and 100 centigrade and visco
Now this is interesting ; I'm not familiar with JD hydro fluids , so when I
'phoned the local JD Dealer for a price on Hy-Gard fluids , he informs me
that JD Australia now only import Low Visc because it's far superior to
the 20w standard Hy-Gard that's too thick at temps below 70 f .
He reckoned that at 60 centigrade system operating temps , both
Hy Gards are equal viscosity , but that takes an hour or so ...........
For my 50hr , I'll use JD20D in the BX.
2010 BX2360 54" MMM
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Default Re: UDT or Super UDT?

You should be able to get Shell Donax TD to replace the UTD, or Shell Donax TD Low Vis to replace the SUTD. I run the Donax TD in my L3410 GST and saw improvements over whatever was in it, it is more quiet and doesn't drag out between shifts. It's a good quality oil. http://www.shellusserver.com/products/pdf/DonaxTD.pdf
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Default Re: UDT or Super UDT?

I have a L1501DT (1975) Kubota with no synchromesh gears in the transmission. i.e. all straight cut gears. Kubota has told that I should be using UDT. That doesn't make any sense to me when the specifications call for 80W in the transmission and 90W in the differential. Can anyone shed some light on this very confusing topic?
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