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Default Lift arm position lever and control valve questions L3010

Whomever installed the backhoe removed the lift arm position lever so until I get a lever I have to reach under the seat deck to adjust. Since I don’t use the lift arms for anything where should the position lever be placed? All the way forward, back, or somewhere in between. It seems to me at one point my loader bucket wouldn’t go down and I had to adjust this lever, does this lever have anything to do with the loader hydraulics? With the tractor at idle I pushed the lever all the way forward, when the lift arms stopped at the top of the travel range there was a loud pop like something broke, sounded similar to a pin being sheared. For now I am running the lever about in the middle of its range.

What does the control valve adjustment under the seat actually control? The volume or pressure of hydraulic fluid? Could this possibly have anything to do with my bucket lowering fast and jerky?
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Default Re: Lift arm position lever and control valve questions L3010


I have a L3010 with a BL4690L (3pt hitch mount) backhoe. You are correct that the tractor's 3pt hitch "position control" lever does need to be in the forward or down position. Otherwise, if left in the up position, this will attempt to drive the rear lower lift arms up against the backhoe mounts and cause the hydraulics to "overload". This causes the front end loader to act exactly like you describe (not going down consistantly). This will happen on mine everytime! Obviously, this is not good for the hydraulic system.

As far as the "control valve adjustment" under the seat, I'm assuming your referring to the "3 pt hitch lowering speed" knob. I don't know if it could effect your FEL bucket speed or not, as I would guess your "position control" lever is your issue.

I included a quick scan of my manual's "Hydraulic Unit" pages for your reference.

Hope it all helps...
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