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Default kubota L175 finish mower options

i just bought a kubota L175 tractor in good shape...the guy i bought it from used a 60" finish mower for 10yrs with no problems.....i need to buy one myself...i will be cutting my lawn each week with it....St Augustine grass.....i'm sure the 60" is good but is anyone out there using a 72"?...i know that's off the charts according to the info i have researched....but i would be cutting each week.....not mowing a pasture of foot high grass....is this too much?....just have 4 acres and want to cut ASAP......please help

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Eric McCarthy

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Default Re: kubota L175 finish mower options

I would not over do it with a 72" finishing mower on an L175. My dad has a L275 which is 27hp with a FEL and it seems to be a tad to heavy sometimes and other times it seems alright being back there. I know its only a foot in differance but that extra 12 inches makes one helluva difference on the 3pt hitch. We generally run a 4' bush hog behind my dads L275 and he once tried out a friends 6 foot bush hog and on level ground pushed him all over creation. I'd hate to see a mower get away from you and cause a big problem.
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Talking Re: kubota L175

sounds good...that's what i thought i would hear....5' is good with me...just trying to git-r-done.....any brands to buy or not buy?
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Orange Tractors
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Default Re: kubota L175

My L175 came with a Woods L59-K17 belly mower on it. It does a good job and cuts evenly, but the discharge leaves a lot to be desired. It is supposed to discharge out the center towards the rear. It actuakky lets most of the clippings fall out before they get to the discharge chute. I run over a lot of cut grass.

This really isn't a problem, if you don't let the grass get too tall.

The tractor has plenty of power to pull the mower in fifth gear across the yard, as long as I mow it often. If it rains too much, and the grass gets too tall it really wants fourth gear to do a good job. Also if you have trees to go around, fifth gets kind of fast.

I don't think I would put a 72" mower on an L175, between the 60" cut and the ground speed of the tractor, I get done with my yard in half the time it took with a 42" riding mower.

Finish mowers don't like grass over a foot high, that calls for the WD with a brush hog.

If you are talking about a three point finish mower, I thnk a 5 footer might be too big; these tractors have plenty of power, but they are small physically.


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