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Default B-20 Hydraulics Quit on Backhoe

Friends: New to this forum. I have been unable to get my BT 750 bakchoe arm to swing so I need to take it off of my B-20.

Arm was full left (from operator's seat) and I couldn't move it to center for unloading so I cracked the hydraulic lines to one cylinder and was able to center it. I lost maybe an ounce or so of fluid. Arm now moves freely back to far left but won't push beyond center so I assume there is pressure in one or both of the pistons.

I started the tractor intending to raise the leveler arms, curl the bucket and move the tractor to the removal spot. But I don't seem to have any hydraulics in the backhoe unit (BH) - no movement in the levelers, bucket or arm in and out - which means I can't disconnect and unload it. But I can raise and lower the front end loader so I do have hydraulics.

The quick connects to the BH unit were connected when I bled the pressure to the piston. Oil level appears to be between the marks on the dipstick so what should I try next? Do I have air in the lines I need to bleed somehow?

I have looked at a ton of messages on this forum but I know very little about hydraulics. Any help would be appreciated so I can get the backhoe off and my mower on.

Once I get this fixed, I would also like to know if anyone has been able to deal with the auto-return/arm failure on the BT750 backhoe. Dealer want $1800 to replace all of the valves. I just need to bypass the black box to the the two solonoid controlled valves that swing the arm.

Thanks for any who can help a novice. Have a great day!


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