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Buying Advice, Recommendations & Pricing Looking at starting or growing your Kubota equipment collection? Unsure if you have found a good deal or not?

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Longmeadow Farm
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Default Kubota 7060

Been looking for a new utility tractor and the Kubota M7060 caught my eye. I've looked at the M7040 (7060 not available around here)and concluded that there are a couple of things I really don't like about it. For one, that squishy floor mat in the cab version would drive me to distraction. got into a 7040 cab version the other day and my work boot heal hit the corner of the uneven floor (over the gear train) and my ankle twisted a bit. I would take that foam padding out and replace it with a suitable marine plywood wood piece cut to proper dimensions....removing the foam which will do nothing more than collect dirt and worst of all..water. The other question concerns the 4wd front end tread width... much too narrow to straddle hay windrows adequately... anyone know the dimensions of the axle extenders? Thanks
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Default Re: Kubota 7060

Sounds like you have made your choice against it already, but heres some specs for you


And I do believe the 7060 is a Mahindra


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Default Re: Kubota 7060

One of the advantages of the new M7060 over the M7040 is that you can get a 12/12 transmission and the linkage is improved for better shifting over the M40 Series, cabs are supposed to be a bit bigger too, but I haven't been in one.

We have run an M8540HDC for several years and like the padded floor, each to his/her own.
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Default Re: Kubota 7060

Not sure about axle extenders but most of the time the width can be adjusted by several inches by simply changing the front wheels around. Unless specified by the customer most tractors seem the be set narrow instead of wide. If you gain 2 or 3 inches on both sides that would make a big difference.

This may be worth nothing to you but in good hay my windrows are from wheel to wheel on my M9000 and I don't have any trouble at all.
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