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Buying Advice, Recommendations & Pricing Looking at starting or growing your Kubota equipment collection? Unsure if you have found a good deal or not?

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Default Re: B7410 Fel

I begin by asking the dealer where he got it. Probably a trade in. Is it on consignment?

Ask the dealer if you can get the phone number of the previous owner. Then call him and ask the questions. The previous owner may not even answer the phone, or he may give you all the info. you ask for...you just never know.

Some people hesitate to call someone, but a phone call takes all of one minute if nobody answers, and 5 minutes to get all the info he will offer. Then you have first hand info of the item you're interested in. Gives you much more leverage to deal with, especially if you discover a "weakness" needing attention.
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Default Re: B7410 Fel

I'll second this approach. Worked well for me last fall in purchasing my high-time B2410. Original owner was frank in describing how the tractor was used and maintained. To date I haven't found anything wrong with the tractor that he didn't describe as either being wrong or being suspect.
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