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Dennis Davis
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Default T1460 Hst jerky

I have a 20 year old Kubota T1460 hst. Good mower but it has always been really jerky when pressing the forward or rear peddle. In other words, it isnt smooth. It will jerk your neck when starting forward and it doesnt like to come to a complete stop. It wants to keep easing forward. Is there an adjustment that can be made and if so how? Also, wondering if it could have air in the line? Thx, Dennis

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Default Re: T1460 Hst jerky

Look at the speed change arm/cam. #170 on the T1460 breakdown. There's a set screw (#180) in it that holds the arm to the swash plate shaft. The set screw is known to back out and cause it to do exactly what you are speaking of. I typically just remove the screw, apply red loc-tite to it and then reinstall it, tighten and enjoy. Those are GOOD mowers.
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