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Default Zero Turn Mowers

Hi all,
in a previous post i asked for feedback re purchasing a Zero Turn, thanks for all the replies. We have narrowed it down to two brands (one orange) but before purchase i thought i would ask for feedback from owners if a mulching kit is worth fitting or not. Do they work or are they a bit of a gimmick?
Thanks and Regards
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Default Re: Zero Turn Mowers

After doing about 6 years of professional lawn care, i feel i can give you a honest opinion

The answer is not simple however.....

Are mulch kits worth it? - Short answer "depends"

It really depends on what brand mower your looking at.

I, always ran scag mowers. The hurricane mulch kit works amazing. Well worth the money in some cases

Same with exmark, they work well in certain situations

keep in mind that decks are designed mostly for discharge. All airflow must go out for the best cut

Now, downfalls
They dont cut grass even/rips turf since the airflow is disrupted.
Grass must be short, no more than .5" off at any time otherwise it will clump
grass must be dry. any moisture will cause it to clump
Leaves in the fall.....have to go slow to not overload the deck

My honest opinion, if you dont have to do a mulch kit, dont.

They are a pain. Requires constant deck scraping and cleaning, your blades will go dull alot faster as your cutting the same grass over and over.

If your doing it to not get grass in the landscaping, look into a rear discharge deck.

Otherwise, if you need one, id recommend scag hurricane mulch kit with the scag blades. They are offset to give the most volume under the deck (because it will plug up)

When i did lawn care, I ran a toro z 60" turbo force deck with a mulch kit. It was a diesel mower, had torque for days.....

Nice mower in the summer when your cutting very little. It sat in the spring and fall since it clumped so bad.....nobody wanted to use it.

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Default Re: Zero Turn Mowers

I got the Z421 set up for mulching and used it all of last summer, I was very skeptical because I was using a grass catcher on my previous set up.
It seems to work pretty good as long as you don't let the grass get very long, we had a few times we made extra passes due to longer grass.
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Default Re: Zero Turn Mowers

I much prefer an open deck & Gator blades.
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Default Re: Zero Turn Mowers

im not a professional grass mower.

but i do mow a LOT of grass every week with my Zero.

like the fella above me ^^^ i run a good set of Gator blades & they give a good lift & blow it out..

& since i always mow "in", my stuff gets recut a lot of times as we go.

basically mulching it up anyway.

there are times if the grass got too high that i'll mow it twice the same day.

my standard yard mowing with no extra work is 5 acres & it aint flat.

if you tried the mulching set ups? holy crap that would take for ever!
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