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Default L245DT FEL problems

My new to me L245DT is showing her age just a little: The FEL is a bit slow up and down, and seems to droop a little on the left side, the bucket will dump itself over about 10 minutes when the tractor is off, and there are cracked welds for the cross members between the arms. That and the bucket has obviously been welded and repaired several times, but that's pretty minor. She has all new hydraulic hoses and a new set of dual levers and 'valve body'. The hydraulics connect to the block down in front of the seat, not a pump like some on here seem to have. It is a Kubota marked, (faded) orange painted FEL with black hydraulic cylinders.

I think I'm going to take the who works apart to grind out the cracked welds to reweld and add some gussets or plates to reinforce the cross members, but what to do about the hydraulic issues. It's currently useable - moved several yard of sand recently, but I want to fix things before they get worse.
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Default Re: L245DT FEL problems

If it's slow, could be a couple of issues, and these also goes along with issue 2 of it drooping or falling.

#1 Pump could be weak and worn, Pressure test.
#2 Pressure relief valve is worn or maladjusted causing low pressure, Pressure test.
#3 Cylinder seals are leaking and cylinders need to be rebuilt, if you lift anything shut it off and watch the boom and bucket if they drop you need to rebuild the cylinders.
#4 It could be an issue with the valve body but that is not the norm for problems of this type.

Does it have quick disconnect from the the loader valve to either the loader or tractor?
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