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Default Another "Cranks but Won't Start"

This is a Kubota B1700HST with 900 hours. Ran fine 3 weeks ago, but a bit hot as the radiator had pollen and stuff in it.

Today will not start.
- Cranks but will not start
- Exhaust is Black not grey or white
- Fuel flows freely to fuel filter. Cleaned fuel filter just in case
- Cleaned Air intake just in case
- Tested glow rail and see power to glow plugs
- Oil is lower than I like but OK
- Radiator is not low
- Stop Soleniod. Not sure I have one but every switch I could find is not stuck
- Connected battery to truck and then tried to start to see if battery had an issue. Cranked as before

- Engine Needs Fuel, Air, Compression and Spark
- Battery had the power, so not that
- Air is getting through, so not that
- Fuel appears to be getting through as exhaust is Black, so not that
- No stuck solenoid as it cranks, so not that
- If you agree, that leaves compression, glow, or bad fuel

If compression:
- How do you test? Remove injector and put in auto compression meter?
- If blown head gasket that would cause compression issues. Any way to test for that other than pulling the head?
- For glow I could remove plugs and rig to battery (more work than it's worth)
Bad Fuel:
- if only thing left is bad fuel then will drain.

Any other ideas or suggestions?
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