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Talking Re: LA463 vs LA524; 60" pin-on vs. 66" QD

I went for the 66" QD bucket on the L3200 - mostly because that is what the dealer was stocking. As bluegill pointed out, you can remove the whole FEL in 5 minutes. Why bother with just the bucket? I've had the FEL off several times for mowing and tilling - never just the bucket.
If you are a jack welder and have a need for some other front ornament, the QD would be a better choice; you can pick up the skid steer frame cheap on ebay and make whatever you want. There are also lots of available attachments. And the bucket is a bit wider. If you add things to the bucket it keeps stretching out farther and farther in front, and becomes unwieldly.
If I had it to do over, I'd probably go for the pinned bucket. It will pry out more, although that has not been an issue - I can dig out 700-800lb rocks with ease. It is a bit narrower, which gives you a bit more maneuverability in tight spaces. I don't have any long term plans to change what is in front. 6" less payload isn't a particular issue. And if you are a jack welder it is not all that hard to make pin brackets...
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