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Default Cab heater via reversed radiator fan

I just finished fabbing up a cab for a GT1800 and now I'm looking to get some heat into it. The radiator fan pulls air from under the dash through the radiator. I'm thinking a really elegant way to get heat into the cab would be to simply reverse the air flow so the fan blows through the radiator INTO the cab instead of sucking air out of it. Ideally, I would simply reverse the fan blade, but reversing it doesn't reverse the flow, believe it or not. The only thing that would reverse the flow on a stock fan would be to reverse the rotation. Not going to happen.

Sooooo, the next best thing I'm thinking is to fabricate a new blade out of aluminum with the blades oriented to blow through the radiator. Has anybody had anybody had any experience with this?

Lacking that, I'm interested in any cab heater designs. Thanks.

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