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  1. Toby3294
    3 Weeks Ago
    I would appreciate if you would look at my post on locked wheels. Would appreciate any input, suggestions or thoughts you would have Thanks
  2. Jerry Martin
    4 Weeks Ago
    Jerry Martin
    Wolfman, so your saying that any of these engines will work and that a D950 will work and will be better than the D750 for replacement?

  3. ghough
    Hello Wolfman. I have a 1977 B7100D. I have hydraulic fluid that has mixed with the diesel oil. I had it running, the black smoke started turning white so I shut it off. Checked the oil dip stick and the oil mix started flowing out. Drained the oil and had way more fluid then went in. Checked the radiator, fine. Checked hydraulic dip stick and bone dry. All fluids were fine fay before. Rear PTO arms have dropped. I know it is a seal, the question is where should I start looking? I have the shop and service manuals, just need a little good direction. Thanks. Gary
  4. sardiscitydad
    Hey Wolfman. Kinda new to this even though I have been a member for a while. Iím m trying to get info on an engine swap for my D750 in my b7100. Motor locked up and I new a new one. Was wanting something bigger than the 16hp itís s showing. I know a D950 will drop right in but I havenít bought anything yet. I have a friend that has a D1101 that I can get for trade. My question is can it work. I know I will probably have to adapt to the bell housing but curious if it will work
  5. PFConnolly
    Hey Wolfman, Iím trying to gather info on replacing ďOĒ rings on the hydraulic delivery lines on my L35. WSM is scant on details. Skeets suggested I look to you for guidance. Thanks
  6. Stitchit1
    Hi Idaho Wolfman. I used to have your first name but for some reason my pms dissapeared. Iím hoping you might be able to help me,..... Iíve had my eye on this for some time. Iím just not sure if you think itíd be good for picking rocks/boulders. Preferably from the ground. Just lower, grab, & go. This is Home made. I know the hoses are shot. But do you think the cylinders are sufficient? Also do you feel itíd have proper reach to pull//haul rocks that a L3200 is capable of?

    Thank you in advance! He wants $700. I talked him down to $550. I know you know more about these than anyone.

  7. Denny Gordon
    Denny Gordon
    I'm trying to put back together a b 8200 that was taken apart by someone else. I'm about to reinstall the oil pan but I need to know the torque specs. The drive shaft that goes to the front differential for the four wheel drive is also removed. Wondering if you have torque specs for those bolts that mount to the front diff
    Denny Gordon
  8. al m
    al m
    Hi Wolman,you have been a great help so far,and wonder if you have access to information that might help in sourcing a tranny for my b1750. Dealer tells me I need a 66415-11600 ,that subs to h6640-10600. His tech says a used one out of a f2400,b1550,b7100 will work.i can get a screaming deal on one out of a f2100 2wd. Only info I can get shows the tranny case on the f2100 and my b1750 with the same part #.you have any direct knowledge of this?
  9. 50shootr
    Hi, have a b6100d,front hydraulics don't go up or down left or right,3pt hitch is ok,I turned the selector handle to the proper side,the tractor sat all winter 1st start up, I power washed the actuator block & got water inside the up/down side now the shaft sticks forward,I'm going to replace the block anyways. Thank you for your help.,also do you know of a on line source for hydraulic parts ?
  10. Crazy Horse
    Crazy Horse
    Hey Sean, so new problem.
    My tractor started dying yesterday, noticed that the fuel filter canister was running low, out of fuel. So I took the filter off, the canister had a ton of rust, chunks of rust in it. I put a new filter in, but it's still dying every couple minutes, and the canister is still running out of fuel. Is this because I need to bleed the lines, or is it blocked lines, fuel pump or bad fuel tank? Appreciate the help

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