Looking for Aftermarket BX Series Attachments?

Here at OrangeTactorTalks we like to take time to raise awareness when we come across a vendor offering quality built aftermarket attachments and equipment for your Kubota.

Own a Kubota BX Series?
Our vendor in the spotlight today is Ai2 Products, a Minnesota-based fabricator of Kubota BX Series attachments. Ai2 Products offers quick-detach buckets, tie lugs, hitches, pallet forks, mount plates, receiver hitches and rock buckets for your BX, greatly expanding the capabilities of a comparatively smaller Kubota offering.

Fabricated attachments like this rock bucket, look Kubota OEM, complete with that shade of orange paint we know and love.

Trailering your Kubota BX? Consider picking up a handy set of Ai2 Products tie down lugs.

Tony Ashwill, owner and operator since 2005, comes from a family of fabricators and CAD designers. These are handy guys to know when you need something cut, bent, machined or plain old “invented”. Tony runs an existing waterjet cutting business and a created Ai2 Products when he recognized a need and demand for quality BX attachments (he also fabricates equipment for “that green tractor”).

The Design Process
Speaking with Tony on the phone and asking him to write a quick bio – a lot of the design process involves continuous feedback and input from clients who are using their equipment either casually or everyday for business. Some of Ai2 Product’s attachments are already on their 12th version so you can be assured that a lot of the finicky details are ironed out and the design and process matured.

Obligatory shop shot.

Ai2 Product’s latest offering for the BX is their Versa-Daptor, a quick-detach hitch system that lets owners swap between the conventional bucket and pallet forks without having to play around with the usual mounting pins.

Ai2 Products' Versa-Daptor system.

The attachment works with your existing LA240 or LA243 front end loader and requires no welding or cutting to install – unlike other vendors. Swapping between a bucket and forks requires simple hand tools that you should already have in your tool box.

Pallet forks never looked so good.

Want to Know More?
If you own a Kubota BX series and are curious as to what quality built attachments will make your life easier, check out Ai2 Products. Bookmark their site and check back before winter as Tony hinted that Ai2′s next product is a loader mounted snow blade. Handy!

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