Kubota Service Bulletin: Maintenance Intervals

Own any of these new Kubota models?

B2320, B2620, B3200, B26
BX1860, BX2360, BX2660, BX25
Grand L 40 Series, L45
M59, MX5100, M100X, M110X, M126X, M135X
RTV500, RTV900, RTV1100, RTV1140
T1880, T2080, T2380, ZG222, ZG227, ZG327, ZD321, ZD326, ZD331

Updated Maintenance Schedules
Late last year Kubota Canada issued a service bulletin detailing that the above models would have their maintenance intervals extended as an attempt to “reduce overall maintenance cost”.

If you do own one of these models you may want to acquaint yourself with the updated service intervals Kubota released along with the service bulletin. These charts are handy when you need to quickly reference when that next oil, fuel or hydraulic filter is due. You can find the updated schedules here:

Kubota Turf maintenance schedule
Kubota RTV maintenance schedule
Kubota B and L series maintenance schedule
Kubota M and MX series maintenance schedule

What Has Changed
If you look through some of the changes highlighted in yellow on the updated schedules, you will see that the next interval after the first service has been pushed out anywhere from 100 to 300 hours. For example, transmission fluid changed at 350 hours instead of 200, or axle case fluid swapped at 400 instead of 300 hours.

Kubota BX service interval updates

Using the BX1860, BX2360, BX2660 or BX25 as an example – the new updates mean that the transmission fluid will be changed once in the first 400 hours of service, instead of the three times it was changed previously. The hydraulic filter is swapped out just about as many times as before. From our own experience we have seen that 50 hour transmission fluid looks pretty clean.

Why Extend the Next Service Interval?
Justin Derzaph, the AG/Construction Sales Manager at Pinnacle International Kubota (Redcliffe, Alberta) explains that some of the reasoning behind the service interval extensions and revisions are due to improved efficiency of Kubota’s new Tier 4 compliant equipment.

We will come back to this in a moment, but first a quick lesson on the state of diesel emissions legislation in the United States as it applies to agricultural equipment…

Understanding Diesel Emission Regulation
Diesel emissions are regulated in the United States by the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA for short. In Canada and most other countries a similar government body exists. Every 4 years since the year 2000 the EPA has required diesel engine suppliers to reduce emissions on new engines manufactured for off-road products – like your orange tractor for instance.


Diesel engines manufactured after January 1, 2008 must be Tier 3 or Tier 4i compliant. It was permitted to sell product with Tier 2 engines in 2008 so long as the engines were built in 2007.

EPA Tier 4i is an interim standard with lower emission levels than those required to meet Tier 3, but it is not as low as Tier 4 Final that comes into effect 2012. Tier 4i engines can be manufactured for an additional year before Tier 4 Final goes into effect.

Where Kubota Stands
Kubota has met the Tier 4 Final standard on their engines already so their diesel engine design will actually not need to change again for 8 full years at the latest. Kubota will likely not sit around waiting though – it has been known to be well ahead of the curve regarding emissions standards and probably already has folks looking into it.

The upgrades that go into making a Kubota run cleaner, more efficient also mean that some of those maintenance items can go an extra 50, 100 or even 200 hours. Saves you money too. Handy.

50 Hour Service Important
Justin reminds us that those items included under a 50 hour service are still very important and Kubota has not eliminated or changed any aspect of that first service and inspection.

There is a lot of flash left over from the manufacturing process that those first set of filters will catch. Change that oil and oil filter as per usual. You will want to keep your warranty in check and also maximize the performance of your new equipment – something that only regular maintenance can provide.

Special thanks to Justin at Pinnacle International Kubota in Alberta for shedding some light on Kubota’s service interval updates. If you are in the southern Alberta area and looking for Kubota sales or service, check out their shop just NW of Medicine Hat. Good guys.

Service Department Vic

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