Paint Reducers and Kubota Paint

This is a quick post that covers off what reducers can be used when Kubota paint is being applied using a paint sprayer and not in a spray can. Adding a reducer makes the paint flow through the spray tubing and gun easier and also, depending on the type of reducer, can control how fast the paint dries.

A Few Types
There are two main types of reducer available, some manufacturers also make a third that falls in the middle. The two types are fast reducer and slow reducer. Each of these types refers to how quickly the paint will dry and how “spreadable” it is. You generally want to choose your paint reducer according to the temperature of the environment that you’ll be painting in. Two things that can cause problems for paint when it dries are the drying time and the humidity. Drying too fast, too slow or too wet can cause problems for your paint job.

Fast Reducer
A fast reducer speeds up drying and curing time, so we would mix in this type of reducer in cooler, damper environments – perhaps when painting in the garage on a fall afternoon for instance. You’ll find that you do not have to wait as long between coats which is a handy time saver. We use fast reducers generally when the environment temperature is below 60F/15C.

Slow Reducer
A slow reducer is just the opposite, slows drying time to allow the paint time to cure properly. You might use this type of reducer on an average summer day in the shade or when the temperature is above 75F/24C.

Medium Reducer
A few paint manufacturers offer a medium reducer, Sherwin-Williams is one. Medium reducers are used in temperature ranges between 60-75F/15-24C.

Mixing Ratio, Brand and Cost
Whenever we use Kubota paints by the quart or gallon, we mix in paint and reducer in a 4:1 ratio. That is, 80% of the mixture is paint and 20% is the appropriate reducer. We use Sherwin-Williams R7K211 fast reducer which is priced around $47/gallon. We mix the reducer and paint right in the gun cup that way you don’t end up with reduced paint that you do not use at the end of the project.

We use Sherwin-Williams R7K211 Fast Reducer when the shop is a bit chilly

We use Sherwin-Williams R7K211 Fast Reducer when the shop is a bit chilly

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  1. claude chamberland Said,

    November 3, 2009 @ 2:31 pm

    je viens d’acheter ma peinture Kubota Orange 2 70000-73712 et on m’as vendu du le durcisseur no 4000-25 uréthane 8-1-1 que je ferai au fusil à peinturer ,
    1) esce que ce durcissuer remplace le diluant R7k211 de sherwin williams?
    2) Quel proportion de mélange dois-je faire, esce 80 % peinture et 20 % durcisseur,,,dois-je y ajouter du diluant en plus et si oui combien?
    3) dois-je faire une couche d’apprêt à l’epoxy ou autre sorte?
    4) dois-je terminer par une couche de vernis?

    Merci de me répondre j’attends votre réponse avant de débuter la peinture.

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